Lussos, a great find in Newbury, amazing Pizza and more

OK this is embarrassing.  I have been recommended to review Lussos in Newbury for so long but haven’t made it there.  However we were lucky enough to present a prize to A Plan Insurance for winning the bowling competition and would you believe it, we had to walk past Lussos.  I say walk past, we managed to walk past on the way but I was pulled in by a culinary force on the way back to the car.  So worth it.  I forced Phil (our events manager from West Berkshire Mencap) to come in with me so that I didnt look too piggy, it was only just gone 11 am so a touch greedy.  Even at that time there were people in there and it got busier and busier.  I optimistically bought a pizza to go, I actually ordered a very meaty one with nduja but I dont think I made myself clear so got a mostly nduja one.  It was great, thin and crispy but with enough of a chew and a great base for the toppings.  The owner was delightful, very welcoming and I noticed that children seemed welcome too which is great.

Their is good variety of drinks on sale including West Berks Brewery Good Old Boy, Tony, hubby, cant walk past this drink and considers it a sign of he highest quality.  There are also a variety of gins and a great looking Bloody Mary.  Phil, however, good working chap that he is, chose a coffee milkshake from the huge range.

These are the ice creams of renown and adoration.

The pizza chef doing his thing

Specials and check out the freakshakes

I intended this to be the meat feast with added nduja but got it wrong so it was njuga and wonderfulness, it was meant to be a takeaway but I couldnt stop myself from eating it, i justify it by sending slices to Phil

Not mine but a lovely meat platter

My meat feast with nduja that came in a box and made it back to the office!  The pizza is so good, thin, crispy, great dough and wonderful toppings that dont overpower the dough


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