Who has a double bass on a Tuesday? Azita in Hitchen!


Sooo I am in Hitchin having medical treatments that you really don’t want to know about!  Tonight I tried a lovely tapas bar round the corner from my hotel  Indeed I could probably roll back if I ate too much.  I love tapas, I am a slow eater and I love little bits of things to try, you get so many more flavours for your money.  Indeed regular readers will know of my adoration of canapés which are just a smaller version of tapas.  The downside of tapas is, like with Chinese or Indian food, you need to be a crowd to make it really interesting.  Whilst I love eating alone there are times when it doesn’t work so well.

This was a smallish restaurant, looked great, they hadn’t gone overboard on the Mediterranean theme and it had a good atmosphere.  They weren’t concerned about sitting me in the most far away corner which sometimes happens when I go as “Billy No Mates”.  The staff were very welcoming and it looked like a lot of the clientèle were regulars, often a good sign.


My Berenj rice, I hadn’t heard of this before and whilst it had great flavour it seemed a tad overcooked although maybe it was meant to be, I have nothing to compare it with.


I loved the lamb chops, they were perfectly cooked and had a decent amount of fat on them, something I love and need.  Interesting that they were served with Tzatziki, that wouldn’t have been my first choice of accompaniment but it worked well enough.  I also appreciated the addition of the lemon to offset the fat of the lamb.

These were all the dishes, the pork meatballs with an almond sauce, the calamari, lamb and patatas bravas.  The Albondigas pork meat balls were very juicy and tender, the almond sauce was a light sauce that didn’t drown out the meatballs.  The calamari was excellent, really well cooked to the point that when I picked one up at the end it still wasn’t rubbery, again a very good sign.  The patatas bravas had a lovely smoky flavour although the potatoes did taste a bit like they had been done earlier in the day and reheated.

The calamari and bread, both excellent, just a small point that we spell calamari differently but didn’t affect the taste

Slightly randomly a two piece band turned up and started playing, they were good it is just that I hadnt expected that, maybe this is normal in Hitchin?

Would I go back?  Definitely.




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