Amazing value at Four Leaf Clover


Dear Reader, sometimes I have been asked if I only eat at expensive restaurants.  Absolutely not.  Indeed some of the more expensive restaurants are not necessarily the best.  To be fair they do tend to be good but you can get great food at a great price if you look.  Currently I am in Hitchin and no you will never find out why.  Yesterday I had to have a quick lunch and went to a restaurant very near to my hotel, as you know these feet are made for pedals not walking as a rule.  Four Leaf Clover was fairly busy and I can see why, the prices were amazing.  I fancied lamb and again, regular reader, you know I have a real penchant for lamb on a regular basis.  Next door to this restaurant is a Turkish restaurant and the lamb chops were about £12.  At the Four Leaf Clover the lamb chops were under £7. I asked for them medium rare and change the mash to chips and everything was done with a smile by Mehmet.  They brought out mint sauce when I asked and I really enjoyed my lunch.  To get change from a tenner was a bonus.  The lamb chops were big beasties, the gravy was great and the service was fast.

I definitely recommend Four Leaf Clover if you are after good food at an amazing price, good for families, and very friendly.  The menu is huge providing everything you could possibly want from breakfast to dinner.




Happy Mehmet

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