Oh my this has NEVER happened before. So sorry Bridge St Bistro

Ok first things first.  I walked past this place a couple of times during my stay in Hitchin and no you will never know why I am here!  It is a lovely little place on the Bridge (quelle surprise!) and I checked out the menu and loved it.  Unfortunately I looked on Monday and it wasn’t open and, dear reader, you know I don’t do delayed satisfaction in any way shape or form so I was seriously disappointed.  However the wait was well worth it.  They have a great £20 three course menu and I couldn’t even manage the pudding as the portions were so generous.  I don’t know why I am embarrassed that I have prawn cocktail, I guess it is a retro choice, that makes it sound better.  There were a lot of prawns and the sauce was so nice I actually dived into the bread basket (3 different sorts) to mop the sauce up.  Nicely presented and I always like the touch of lemon, an easy thing to forget.  Tap water was happily provided (plus point as you know dear reader).

Sorry I cant remember the three different sorts of bread but they were all delicious, I tried them for you dear readers


A lot of prawns and the necessary lemon

Steak cooked to my liking so very good.   Additions of mushroom, onion and tomato.

Loved the fact that was a choice of potatoes and the sautéed were just perfect with the steak, it also came with a delicious pepper sauce and the salad was excellent, it had red onion in it which I love

I accept that this makes Kevin, the owner, look like a London gangster but please believe me when I say that he was utterly delightful.  He was going to politely leave me to enjoy the food but acquiesced when I asked him to stay and talk to me.  He is a Londoner with a lot of stories and was an absolute joy to listen to.  I feel a bit guilty that I took up all his time but he was great fun with a great passion for life.  I also liked that he was happy to promote other restaurants so expect a new blog soon.


This is such an an amazing deal, so often with these deals you dont actually want anything on the menu but I had a problem choosing.  In fact right now I want the spotted dick with custard, you never see that anywhere.


The other menu, apparently the Beef Wellington has its own fan club but i would really struggle choosing.  Would I return?  Like a shot if they would ever have me back bearing in mind I forgot to pay!!


Me wearing my signature blogging hat

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