Orange at The Sir Roger Titchborne ooh

My dear readers, as you know I dont travel hugely but love any chance to blog somewhere new.  Myself, Ed and the bots and Becky ended up at the Sir Roger Titchborne  in Billinghurst.  We wanted to see a great band, Orange, that I have followed for many years.  One of it’s song contains my favourite lines ever “I don’t go to parties, because nobody invites me”.  I was made even happier that the food was good which was a wonderful thing.  The put is pet friendly and has wifi and a great place for kids to play.

Loved the horseradish cream with the smoked salmon

Sausage and mash meh it was fine but not something I would choose if out.

Home made beef burger, the tomato and chilli chutney made it great.

Child’s portion of scampi and chips, loved the tartare and minty mushy peas


Delicious slow roasted Sussex lamb served perfectly pink on a parsnip purée with sautéed potatoes.  Definitely a winner with is rosemary scented jus.


If you get a chance to book Orange, an amazing 3 piece then contact me for details.


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