At last – a great Lebanese in Newbury

One of my favourite food styles is Arabic type, lamb, bread, rice, salad, lots of things to dip the bread in.  Before I got divorced this year I used to go to Thailand every year and as soon as I got off the plane in Koh Samui and would start my lamb lust.  What is that about?  I come home and long for Isidros gyozas and clay-pot chicken.  Just as I am in possession or a 180 degree sense of direction so I also have the same with food.  Therefore it was such a great find to discover the Lebanese House in Weavers Walk.  I did do a blog on it sometime before but it is the only one that I have lost so this is a great chance to reblog it.  I was taken there by James, son number one, for my birthday.

The Lebanese House is a lovely welcoming restaurant, not too busy early on but definitely got pretty busy by the time we had finished.  James can eat extremely fast but he was very sweet and put up with me eating slowly.

So loving this meal of grilled lamb cutlets with garlic sauce and more than enough salad, the lamb was juicy and not overcooked, a pet peeve.

The saffron rice was plentiful and well cooked without being stodged to inedibility


James mixed grill with a garlic and chilli sauce, plentiful and tasty

Dans Farruj Meshwi, grilled baby chicken with all the sides, so nice I may have to have this instead of the lamb next time and that is saying a lot.

Complimentary desserts which I was too full to eat

James and grandson two, Noah

James and grandson one, Danny, recognisable from other blogs and great eating companion.


Best birthday ever, The Castle at lunchtime, Lebanese for dinner and ALL my kids and bots.  Superb and definitely worth a revisit.


Next blog is the Reading Lido, an amazing place.

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