Henry and Joes – stand out food and adorable staff


Newbury has some great places to eat and they need local support or we will lose them.  The Newbury Pub, Mio Fiore and any other privately owned establishments should be given our custom so that they stay and grow.

Home made bread and butter, totally delicious



I was told this dish was all about the carrots and they were right, these were heritage carrots served with a smoked orange and chervil dressing and a burnt carrot puree.  It goes without saying that the scallops were cooked perfectly and the chicken wings were boned and crunchy, a great addition with the scallops.



Oooh where to start . Joe, the charming front of house man, explained the great offers from Henry (the chef).  This is a beef fillet, not my usual choice of cut but they gave it so much flavour with the red wine sauce and truffle.  Also the black garlic purée added a great touch along with the roscotte onion but I have to admit that they served what must be my favourite potato dish ever.  It is called a potato terrine and has a terrific buttery crunch and a soft middle, indeed I think I will include a picture of my half eaten dish just to show you the potato again.



I am in love with this potato dish, hmm maybe that is why I am divorced, my real passion is food!  Please visit Henry and Joe’s, it is a fabulous place and although small packs a huge punch.



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