The Eastbury Plough – great food in a great setting – what we are good at

I love these wonderful country pubs,  the Plough is opposite a village pond with ducks, picturesque and you would think a huge pull to anyone wanting to experience a bit of English country life.  It has a lovely log fire for the winter months and a good seating area for the summer so perfect all year round.

A gin menu!  Cant go wrong with that and very difficult for me to resist.

The interior is decorated in an interesting way, not too formal and quite welcoming and acceptable.

The wine menu, as I am not a drinker this is the best that I can do and will be doing on further blogs except for @vineyardnewbury as I wouldnt have enough room on the blog for their library of wines.

I love a specials menu even if I am not eating from it, this was a tempting one.

Look at all the bar snacks and the happy lady behind them.

There you go, I am not a great pudding eater but now you have an idea of what is on offer

Can you guess that we are in horse land?

These olives were incredibly moreish, juicy and full of flavour.

This looks like an average prawn cocktail but hides a secret………

……..Ta Da!  Lots of delicious smoked salmon, a winner for me!

Surf and turf and the prawns were so fresh and juicy that they leapt out of their skins with gay abandment.  The steak was full of flavour, I probably could have had it a bit rarer but loved the crust and sauce.  Yum.

Love this idea – you can hire them for events so here are the details.

I paid for my food and it is definitely worth a return visit.

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