Donnington Grove Beau

This is the sort of place you want to bring people who are new to Great Britain to. The drive to the hotel is magnificent, even in the dark. You drive down a long windy road, over a bridge which looks like the sort of place you would find trolls and up to the impressive front of the hotel. The inside is just as great, Somehow it operates on many levels so you go up, down, turn around and touch the ground (ok not that bit) to find the restaurant. In doing so I noticed that there is a new spa that has opened there that looks very tempting, possibly another review in the future.

On the evening we visited there were a few customers in the bar area which also does food and leads to the restaurant. Our waitress was delightful and didnt seem at all phased by one gorgeous attractive lady accompanied by two hungry lairy louts. Actually the nephews are lovely and very appreciative of the food, in particular the beautifully presented fish dish and the puddings although even they were struggling by then as the portions were enormous.

We had a delicious amuse bouche of arancini which I hope they put on the main menu as it was really good, melty and moresome (is that a word).

I loved my Beef Wellington which was also in no way nouvelle cuisine, great hearty portions of tender beef in flaky pastry, a great choice and no plate envy from me.

As you can see the boys managed puddings and all was declared delicious. I dont think people realise that Beaus is in existence but it is well worth a visit. The staff are incredibly friendly, the food is good and I love the slight madness of the setting, it would be a perfect place for a huge family party weekend.

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