New tv coming

Cant say too much now but soon both Mia Fiore and The Newbury should be making a tv appearance.  As soon as I can tell you I will give you the link but I am very excited about it.  The other presenters are SO glamorous, I believe I am the ‘character’ or the ‘comedy element’ […]

Use them or lose them – local cuisine

Where do you go to eat, what influences your choice? Is it always price or is it quality or indeed a combination of the two? I was in The Newbury the other day at lunchtime and it was quiet, my understanding is that the chains are offering much cheaper options. I totally get it that […]

@JayRayner1 100% The Elephant much less

  The Great Man       When I heard Jay was coming to Newbury, the Emmenthal of towns, I was torn. I had attended one of his Guardian Masterclasses (very good by the way) and we had a debate on whether one should accept free food or not. Fundamentally I would like to think […]

Lots more reviews of hotels and food coming soon

Great Western, Great Starter, Great Cutlery! Sadly rather bland but looked quite nice   I have been given a fab new camera by my lovely husband for giving up the booze for so long, the problem is integrating it into my blog. By the way I hope you notice the wonderful new look to […]

The Golden Triangle of Chapel Row

Oh I am such a lucky bunny. I live in the best place, so near to town yet close to country. Near civilisation but not close enough to impact on the residents of our house in any way. Really close to The Golden Triangle. I have written about the delightful Chapel Row before but, as […]

Artisan Market – Chapel Row – get there early!

Who likes good food? Well I do as you know. This blog is about good food and places that you can get it. We are so blessed in West Berkshire, we have so many good pubs, restaurants and farmers markets. This post is about a new market that I went to recently. It is held […]

Eateries I praise and love

Coming up in about 20 minutes on 87.7 or Kennet Radio. Praise of The Vineyard, The Bladebone, Chapel Row Market and Brebis. We had such fun recording, the bits you don’t get to hear are even better!! Oh my, forgot to say I also go on about the lovely meat from Two Cocks. Oh […]

Carte-du-vin – wine enjoyment made friendly

I am so lucky to be able to do interviews for KennetRadio and Apart from the terrifying journey of getting to see Carte-Du-Vin in Micheldever I had a wonderful time with lovely people telling me about wine in a friendly and encouraging way. I also got a great interview for Kennet Radio whilst learning […]

Chick lunches – memories not ‘stuff’

For those of you that haven’t been following this blog (grrr) you may be unaware of my chick lunch system. This is a way of ensuring that at least once a month we all get together, usually for a roast or three but in summer this morphs into a barbecue (thus my constant pleas for […]