Another example of good customer response v very average

We went to The Star in Kingsclere recently, one of the Vintage Inns and normally a great place to eat and take people to. It is a lovely place, lots of little corners and log fires and is pretty reliable as far as the food and staffing goes. I can normally rely on there being […]

Meat, send it my way but only if it is GOOD!

Time for another rant. Have come back from Thailand to the miserable news that we shouldn’t eat too much protein. Whilst part of me suspects that next week it will carbs with their head on the media block this news does back up my reasoning that it is far better to eat really good meat, […]

Soup glorious soup

A Good Soup is truly nectar of the gods. It is the stuff that makes you well, it is the perfect last thing to have at night, an ideal light lunch and can marry so well with a good loaf of bread. Below are pictures of some of the soups I had in Koh Samui. […]

Wahoo, I won and with my own recipe!!!

If any of you don’t already subscribe to well why on earth not?? It is a fabulous site with great recipes, interviews and a lot of food porn. Today, sat in Kuala Lumpur, I had the best email from them which said that I had won a recipe competition, I am SO chuffed. The […]

Taste of Christmas at the Vineyard 2013

This was indeed magnificent. I should have realised when I got the last parking space in the car park and another 100 cars had to park elsewhere. The Vineyard was buzzing and as I entered the lobby I saw with delight that it had turned into a stunning Christmas market. On the right were the […]

Blackberry Cottage, cakes with veg, well I never did!!

Kate from Blackberry Cottage recently visited West Berkshire Mencap bringing delicious supplies of cakes and traybakes which all had one thing in common, they all had vegetables in them. This venture started about ten years ago when a mum turned up at Kate’s home in tears because she was unable to get her child to […]

Festival Food Part Two, there was music as well apparently

The Roaming Rotisserie Oh my what a stall, run by a really nice bloke and was just the most tasty food yet so simple. Basically a ton of chickens on a rotisserie with new potatoes cooked underneath in the chicken juice. I could have gone back again and again. You can buy half or whole […]

Finally, I sucked out the brains of a prawn – Rachel please read

For years Rachel, my beautiful daughter,and I have been trying to do this and invariably we count to three and both pretend as the thought of sucking out a prawns brains is too gaggy. Well Rachel, I am proud to tell you that at Green Man Festival 2013 I sucked out those brains!! It was […]