Woodspeen – Stunning in every way

Woodspeen – Stunning in every way A lot of people now love fame, everyone wants their 15 minutes and if they cant have it then they want to know someone who has.� Whilst I wasn’t a Donny Osmond or Bay City Rollers fan when I was young (now you know how old I am) my […]

Crab and Boar and I am only telling you because I am kind hearted

This is one of those reviews that seems totally pointless. Every where I look I am seeing great reviews of the Crab and Boar, including the national papers. Still, I will give you my humble opinion regardless. Also at some point I will try out one of the rooms and review that. I have heard […]

Roux Parliament Square

What a place to celebrate. This was proper posh and even better I got to interview Marco for Kennet Radio before the meal. He is an other passionate chef, always a great sign when you are about to eat somewhere. Marco looking like he wishes he was somewhere else It was very kind of Marco […]

Vineyard – yes I know it is back yet again but the food is just so good

We are having a charity dinner at the Vineyard (book now as tickets will sell out, 27th September!) so I got the chance to eat there after our meeting. We had a great supporter with us as well as staff who will be doing so much of the work involved so that gave me a […]

Raymond Blanc – how wonderful is he and how lucky am I

I honestly don’t know what to say about this experience except that experience is a word I need to use a lot to describe it. Raymond Blanc is so wonderfully enthusiastic and passionate and seriously, if I could live in a corner of his room I would. This isn’t just about the food, he cares […]

Jean Christophe Novelli and Snowy

Today wasn’t meant to be such a foody day. Well not like I didn’t plan to eat, I am not completely insane, but I wasn’t intending to do a food piece. Today was the day of the garden and dog show. These aren’t things I normally enjoy, not least because we have a West Highland […]