Oh yes, this is not just a bacon sarnie it is a Two Cocks bacon sarnie

Ok – a short post about the total satisfaction of the perfect bacon sandwich. First, and I mean this emphatically, get your bacon from Two Cocks Farm/Brewery. This is seriously the best bacon I have eaten and I am seriously worried that I am about to run out (Phil please send me more smoked streaky […]

Chick lunches – memories not ‘stuff’

For those of you that haven’t been following this blog (grrr) you may be unaware of my chick lunch system. This is a way of ensuring that at least once a month we all get together, usually for a roast or three but in summer this morphs into a barbecue (thus my constant pleas for […]

Winning recipe (because the old one has disappeared from my blog, someone ate it!!)

Thank you lovefood.com, I am thrilled that I won your competition with this recipe. Firstly buy some great quality (in fact lets just assume everything you are going to buy is great quality as it saves my typing) raw King Scallops and large raw prawns. De vein the prawns unless you want to eat their […]

Wahoo, I won and with my own recipe!!!

If any of you don’t already subscribe to lovefood.com well why on earth not?? It is a fabulous site with great recipes, interviews and a lot of food porn. Today, sat in Kuala Lumpur, I had the best email from them which said that I had won a recipe competition, I am SO chuffed. The […]

What a difference in customer service – Waitrose v Boots

As you may know I had an op just before Christmas but being a wily fox had already booked my online deliveries. This is always risky because of ‘the substitutions!!’. For Christmas Day itself I wanted to immerse myself in seafood, I need loads of protein and the joy of bathing in whatever seafood I […]

Finally, I sucked out the brains of a prawn – Rachel please read

For years Rachel, my beautiful daughter,and I have been trying to do this and invariably we count to three and both pretend as the thought of sucking out a prawns brains is too gaggy. Well Rachel, I am proud to tell you that at Green Man Festival 2013 I sucked out those brains!! It was […]

Small gap while I go to Green Man Festival

My sister has persuaded me to go to Green Man Festival and somewhere or somehow I agreed! There looks like to be a load of choice, Goan, Spanish, French and oh yes, Middle Eastern. I am not even taking a stove. I will see if I can get pics and interviews for my blog and […]

Beth’s 50th Birthday

This is my sister Beth’s 50th birthday party (sorry for letting the world know Boo) and the only time she is only one year younger than me. The whole thing was magnificent, It was a fifties tea party with the most amazing sandwiches, cakes and biscuits. Above is Beth outside the pagoda that had different […]

Another sunny weekend, all chicks welcomed

OK we will get the family pics over quickly and move onto the food. In the spa we have my grandchildren, Noah, 2, and Danny, 8. The pretty little girl in the white dress is Noah and Danny s aunty. I am not sure what I am to her in that she is the daughter […]

Oh yes Summer is here and the garden beckons

Despite not having a pizza oven or Green Egg (like L’Ortolan) I still love to eat in the garden whenever I can. Last week we celebrated Jordan‘s birthday for what seemed the 8th time, she is very similar to my daughter Rachel! She had some friends and her dad over and we had various friends […]