Vineyard Family Weekend of Luxury – Breakfast

Every year my three sisters, Kristin, Miriam and Beth go away with my mum for a long weekend.  This year we chose the Vineyard and it was a particularly foody weekend.  The Vineyard gave us an amazing deal and my sisters had suites which were incredibly luxurious.  They are two to a room and I […]

Vineyard Stockcross Annual Wine Festival

I can’t think of anywhere better to have an annual Wine Festival than at the Vineyard, the place where the wine list is in fact a very heavy hard backed book! This was the fourth annual Festival and was well attended. There was a magnificent dinner put on the night before with a menu developed […]

Sirayane Boutique Hotel and Spa, Marrakech

I have been so slow in uploading this post that I am posting all the pictures of food together. We stayed at the Sirayane Boutique Hotel outside Marrakesh in Morocco and it was absolutely beautiful. Sorry that the pictures are not beautifully laid out but believe me the hotel was outstanding and we would return […]

Vineyard Wine Event – next weekend

I can’t wait to attend this event, details below, and our radio station is going live so I am going to be able to do some interviews with satisfied attenders and providers. How exciting, have you booked your ticket yet? Once I know which bits I am interviewing I will blog it immediately so you […]

Vineyard Annual Wine Festival – don’t miss this fantastic event!

As I am sure you have read in previous posts I am in no way a wine expert. I drink champagne and that is about it. However at one of my recent visits to the delightful Vineyard I was persuaded by Saffron, and she is VERY persuasive, of the importance of food and wine pairing. […]

Donnington Valley Wine Press Restaurant

I dont know how many of you have gone to the Winepress Restaurant at the Donnington Valley. I visited it before my surprise trip to Morocco and was amazed at how good the quality of the food was and what amazing value. £22 for two courses or £28 for three courses. Seriously when you see […]

Donnington Valley Spa – with food

The food post will come later, this is about the lovely spa that is based at Donnington Valley Hotel in Newbury. I was treated to a day there which was fabulous. My only concern is that I would be hungry but more of that later. After being offered a delicious berry smoothie, made freshly in […]

Vineyard August 7 2013, heaven on several plates

Not just any old coffee but a Vineyard coffee. This comes in three beautiful layers with three delicious home made biscuits. The occasion was lunch with my best friend Anne and her barrister son Tom who found out where we were going and wangled an invite. He was very entertaining and I am trying to […]

Vineyard – best thing ever – tomato essence

This was such an amazing dish from the Vineyard. It is pure fresh zingy tomato that wows your taste buds and your brain. When the delightful Saffron, an incredible member of staff, suggested the tomato essence I knew better than to argue. What was produced was a plain white bowl with a tablespoon of tapioca, […]