Love Vicars Game, so very meaty

  I had to do another stock as as fast as I do them my middle son Joe takes them and they are liquid, jelly, gold. Where to go? Oh yes, the best bone man I know Alan at Vicars Game. I asked for some veal bones, chicken carcasses, and some pork bones. Oh yes! […]

Isidro’s – if you havent been why on earth not?

  Just a quickie while I finish off my Bladebone post and then my Prince Street Social in Bristol. Been busy having a grandaughter! This is the most delicious street food I have had. You can get it from Newbury High Street on Saturday mornings at Isidro’s stall near Tesco. Above is a special emergency […]

Best street food in Newbury – Isidro’s Eastern loveliness

  My newest love is Isidro’s, the best street food we have locally. I was told about this place by my lovely first born James Lawrence. We are gyoza fans to the max and Chris and Venus produce the best I have eaten locally ever. This meal was ordered as a celebration for some lovely […]

Isidro’s – best street food

Ever since I was a child (and young mother to James but that is another story) we have made gyoza. We didn’t call them gyoza, we called them ears, I have no idea why and my brother Toby who introduced them denies calling them ears but I can’t work out why else they would have […]

Artisan Market – Chapel Row – get there early!

Who likes good food? Well I do as you know. This blog is about good food and places that you can get it. We are so blessed in West Berkshire, we have so many good pubs, restaurants and farmers markets. This post is about a new market that I went to recently. It is held […]

Carte-du-vin – wine enjoyment made friendly

I am so lucky to be able to do interviews for KennetRadio and Apart from the terrifying journey of getting to see Carte-Du-Vin in Micheldever I had a wonderful time with lovely people telling me about wine in a friendly and encouraging way. I also got a great interview for Kennet Radio whilst learning […]

Meat, send it my way but only if it is GOOD!

Time for another rant. Have come back from Thailand to the miserable news that we shouldn’t eat too much protein. Whilst part of me suspects that next week it will carbs with their head on the media block this news does back up my reasoning that it is far better to eat really good meat, […]

Taste of Christmas at the Vineyard 2013

This was indeed magnificent. I should have realised when I got the last parking space in the car park and another 100 cars had to park elsewhere. The Vineyard was buzzing and as I entered the lobby I saw with delight that it had turned into a stunning Christmas market. On the right were the […]

Aldermaston Stores, what a spicy find!

I have been going here for years, to be honest it is the nearest shop, I live somewhere where I cant do that wonderful thing I had in Newbury. You call a number and people bring you food to your door, you just give them money and you can eat, amazing!! I live in Padworth, […]

Vineyard Stockcross Annual Wine Festival

I can’t think of anywhere better to have an annual Wine Festival than at the Vineyard, the place where the wine list is in fact a very heavy hard backed book! This was the fourth annual Festival and was well attended. There was a magnificent dinner put on the night before with a menu developed […]