Michelin take note of The Newbury, why did I only have one starter!

  Another place I love and will support is The Newbury pub, not a chain and run by some magnificent people.  I have followed Darren (not in a stalkerish way!) for many years and it is great to see his influence coming through and being encouraged by the lovely Pete Lumber.  By the way I […]

New Menu at The Bladebone – whoop whoop

  How supportive am I of my favourite restaurants?  Very is the answer.  These are my guidelines, I try only to blog food that I love, the occasional exception is where I am taken by surprise.  Also I blog whereever I am so obviously there is a huge Berkshire/Bristol bias but next month will be […]

Vineyard, Robby wasn’t here today but his influence was

Dear readers you know my favourite places to eat and just by looking through the blog you will see how often the Vineyard is mentioned.  Hell, it was the place I chose to get married, indeed my only regret of the whole day is that as the bride I had to come later and missed […]

This is a wonderfully characterful hotel – Berwick Lodge

This was my second visit to Berwick Lodge in Bristol  https://www.berwicklodge.co.uk/.  This is such an incredible hotel, totally indvidual and appealing.  It would be nice if it had a pool but it has a huge plus on the spa side, more later and very exciting.  The whole site is beautiful, swings in the trees, fountains, […]

Wellington Arms, such a Buzz

I have been to the Wellington Arms in Baughurst before.  I always compare it to a little Manoir in that it has the most wonderful home grown vegetables, its own livestock and sells home made bread and preserves. In fact I am not sure the Manoir does the selling bit of home made bread.  The […]

A meal of fine distinction at The Harrow

Currently my finest treat is to be taken to The Harrow at Little Bedwyn.  I have never had a bad meal indeed never an unsatisfying course, everything delights the senses.  This time I went with Tony and two great friends and they all had the wine pairing.  They hadnt had this before and loved it.  […]

The Red House – Valentines deliciousness

No photos as it isnt Valentines Day but I spotted a great menu when I was there the other day.  Seriously people, get yourselves over there but book now!  If you think you have a better Valentines Day meal just let me know. https://www.theredhousepub.com/valentines-day That is one good menu!  

Roast of abundance at The Newbury – go and eat, you wont be disappointed!

  How cute is this starter?  Fish and chips but wow what a difference, love the tiny cute tower of little chips, absolutely love the salmon keta, nothing better than an explosion of salmon oil in your mouth and the monkfish was perfectly cooked.       It isnt often I do two pictures of […]

Henry & Joes, another first class pop up in Newbury

  16 Bartholomew Street – burn that name into your memory         I am so loving the new pop up deal happening at 16 Bartholomew Street in Newbury.  Helped enormously by the fact that the Mansfield Boys are organising it, how can anything they do go wrong.  These guys LOVE their food […]

Hospital Food I have known and ……

Dont get me wrong, I love the majority of the wonderful nurses and people caring for me during my recent and frequent hospital stays.  Indeed I feel a tad sorry for them, I think I am terribly helpful, feeding the other patients, helping them when they drop things and cant move and other generally useful […]