Oh my this has NEVER happened before. So sorry Bridge St Bistro

Ok first things first.  I walked past this place a couple of times during my stay in Hitchin and no you will never know why I am here!  It is a lovely little place on the Bridge (quelle surprise!) and I checked out the menu and loved it.  Unfortunately I looked on Monday and it […]

Brebis – medical emergency!! Must read!

  Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t have a medical emergency there as you may class it but it was a necessity that I ‘Brebis up’ before I go to Koh Samui. I lurked outside waiting for it to open looking very shady. I peered through the window at the chalkboard and saw Moules on it and […]

Artisan Market – Chapel Row – get there early!

Who likes good food? Well I do as you know. This blog is about good food and places that you can get it. We are so blessed in West Berkshire, we have so many good pubs, restaurants and farmers markets. This post is about a new market that I went to recently. It is held […]