The saddest goodbye but BUSness will return

The loveliest of chaps, James and Sam Mansfield, have held their last dinner at 16 Bartholomew Street but thank godness it isnt the last we will see of them as they are taking a double decker bus which you can hire for the best food ever.   Best bread ever with the best butter to […]

Use them or lose them – local cuisine

Where do you go to eat, what influences your choice? Is it always price or is it quality or indeed a combination of the two? I was in The Newbury the other day at lunchtime and it was quiet, my understanding is that the chains are offering much cheaper options. I totally get it that […]

Forbury – a great start that tailed off

  i have been meaning to go to the Forbury for ages. They send the most enticing emails and they have a snack menu! Who would have thought it, how can you go wrong with a snack menu. I was a touch surprised by the number of menus that they did have though. Quite a […]

So close to an ending and a beginning – Brebis, my main love

  Cant go wrong with these chaps. Always good food, they have a reverence and love for what they do that I rarely see anywhere else. This is rather an aggressive post as I am sad that the most amazing business is leaving and you need to move flipping fast to eat there before they […]

Spiralisers – not so healthy after all!! Bring on the goose fat!

Ha! So you thought spiralisers were healthy, on trend and the perfect way to make pretend spaghetti. No! This recipe involves three things, potatoes, goose fat and salt. So so perfect. First of all go to Lakeland and get their spiraliser, it is more expensive than the pencil sharpeners but so much better and kind […]

Brebis – medical emergency!! Must read!

  Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t have a medical emergency there as you may class it but it was a necessity that I ‘Brebis up’ before I go to Koh Samui. I lurked outside waiting for it to open looking very shady. I peered through the window at the chalkboard and saw Moules on it and […]

Radio interviews coming up – Brebis and Minimalism

How exciting. Finally managed to send off the Brebis Interview so I am looking forward to hearing that on Kennet Radio. It was a delight to record because Sam the chef, James front of house and even Harry, sous chef, are all so passionate about what they do. In fact we may have to slow […]