Spiralisers – not so healthy after all!! Bring on the goose fat!

Ha! So you thought spiralisers were healthy, on trend and the perfect way to make pretend spaghetti. No! This recipe involves three things, potatoes, goose fat and salt. So so perfect. First of all go to Lakeland and get their spiraliser, it is more expensive than the pencil sharpeners but so much better and kind […]

Posts to come

The Crab and Boar is on my list to write up as is a quickie on the Vineyard canapes and tomorrow I am reviewing the Yew Tree. I also have a Brebis in hand so to speak. Next week is Taste of London with a special with Chef Steve Groves from Roux@Parliament Square. How cool […]

Apple Tree, Daughter Mother

Love love love the fact that Rachel Lawrence is setting up her food blog. Also loving the phone calls that start with menu items; love also that they come from my step children as much as my children. Have heard of an amazing place in Bristol, The Gallimaufry, that sounds like it definitely needs a […]

I need a Pigs Bladder

Does anyone know where I can get a pigs bladder from? I want to make Coffre de Volaille de Bresse en Vessie and a roasting bag just wont do the job. All advice welcomed, should I ever find one then photos will follow. I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front because my […]

Eateries I praise and love

Coming up in about 20 minutes on 87.7 or http://kennetradio.com/site/show/weekend-woman/ Kennet Radio. Praise of The Vineyard, The Bladebone, Chapel Row Market and Brebis. We had such fun recording, the bits you don’t get to hear are even better!! Oh my, forgot to say I also go on about the lovely meat from Two Cocks. Oh […]

Brebis – Newbury

Oh yes, another great find, again this was recommended by people I respect so I popped in to ask for an interview and ended up buying a couple of starters. Will do a big interview with them for Kennetradio which goes live this week!     Warm asparagus, sauce gribiche Look how beautifully this is […]