At last – a great Lebanese in Newbury

One of my favourite food styles is Arabic type, lamb, bread, rice, salad, lots of things to dip the bread in.  Before I got divorced this year I used to go to Thailand every year and as soon as I got off the plane in Koh Samui and would start my lamb lust.  What is […]

Mia Fiore His is bigger than mine! Great local Italian

  And my heading applies to his pizza oven. It IS bigger though not by much but he uses it much better. Oh my, I have never seen Phil speechless but we will get to that later. This needs to be a short review as I have bigger plans for Mia Fiore but I couldn’t […]

@JayRayner1 100% The Elephant much less

  The Great Man       When I heard Jay was coming to Newbury, the Emmenthal of towns, I was torn. I had attended one of his Guardian Masterclasses (very good by the way) and we had a debate on whether one should accept free food or not. Fundamentally I would like to think […]

Best street food in Newbury – Isidro’s Eastern loveliness

  My newest love is Isidro’s, the best street food we have locally. I was told about this place by my lovely first born James Lawrence. We are gyoza fans to the max and Chris and Venus produce the best I have eaten locally ever. This meal was ordered as a celebration for some lovely […]

For those that follow my facebook page you will know that I have been banging on about minimising, getting rid of ‘stuff’ and having experiences instead. Read that as you will but in my case I have been asking for meals out as birthday and Christmas presents. I love food as you know and if […]

Studio Thai, like being on holiday!

What a treat, visiting Studio Thai in Newbury with the gorgeous Waheeda as my dining companion. Now, dear reader, you may know my love of things Thai, I go there for my annual holiday and love every minute. I do try other places but invariably I end up sitting there grumpily wondering why on earth […]

Ben ‘off to uni’ Ferguson, a recipe for risotto :-)

  Ok Benjamino! You are off to uni in September and are, very wisely, asking about cooking. We have done the mass stew and spag bol learnathon and you know to get meat that works hard as it is cheaper and tastier slow cooked. It releases all those lovely juices that make the food so […]

Bristol, new find (for me!) Bell’s Diner

  A couple of nights ago I had a delightful dinner at the Hotel Du Vin with colleagues from a marvellous charity, The Brandon Trust. The dinner and the company were lovely, as was the hotel, definitely one to return to. The following day, after working fairly hard (for me) I was able to visit […]

Chick lunches – memories not ‘stuff’

For those of you that haven’t been following this blog (grrr) you may be unaware of my chick lunch system. This is a way of ensuring that at least once a month we all get together, usually for a roast or three but in summer this morphs into a barbecue (thus my constant pleas for […]