Amazing value at Four Leaf Clover

  Dear Reader, sometimes I have been asked if I only eat at expensive restaurants.  Absolutely not.  Indeed some of the more expensive restaurants are not necessarily the best.  To be fair they do tend to be good but you can get great food at a great price if you look.  Currently I am in […]

For the love of cod – ok cheesey but oh so worth it -go to Newbury for fab fish and chips

This is exciting news! Not only do we have a new fish and chip shop it is SO much more. It sells fresh fish which you can order in advance plus it has a private dining area at the back. This is a good place people. I just stopped for fish and chips but got […]

Sigh Not So Much Plate Hate as Plate Meh at The Angel in Woolhampton The Angel has had a chequered history, wonderful, dire, hopeful, dire, carvery all one phoenix like uprising after another. However having driven past the carvery sign so many times, seriously who does the word carvery attract except Toby eaters, I stopped at the fantastic Woolhampton Stores and saw an actual menu. This meant that […]

Best ham and eggs competition – how do you do – can you beat The Bladebone

I eat out a lot, really I hear you ask but yes it is true. Now heres a thing, i love ordering smoked salmon as a starter but it NEVER tastes the same at home even if I follow every tip given. What is that about. ok steak I have a better bet at but […]

Not so Punchy

I met up with one of my lovely bubbly sisters, Beth, while I was in London recently and checked out one pub (not sister) that was available on a discount card. Punch Tavern in Fleet Street rang a bell so that is where we aimed for. It looked like a wonderfully ornate old London pub […]