West Berks Mencap and The Dew Pond, what a relationship

  West Berkshire Mencap has had a long standing relationship with The Dew Pond for several reasons, not least that we only deal with people who provide the best food.  This food was, as always, totally super and the place was full.  Basically twice a year WBM take over the restaurant, one menu is served […]

Dewpond – fine food and grown children who pay!! BONUS

This post is dedicated to SUAS also known as shutupandshave or even James, my firstborn, because if you get to see this it is because of him, his amazing internet and website skills and just a bit of patience. What a wonderful evening I had, eating in the land of the bunny rabbit with my […]

The Dew Pond, Old Burghclere – Rabbit Land

Oh this was exciting.  A trip to The Dew Pond, a fantastic restaurant in Old Burghclere which is virtually Watership Down. It was too dark to see any but I felt comforted just knowing that they were around in huge numbers. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love rabbits, I have a […]