Guess where I was, trick question, The BRAND NEW Castle!

If you saw the featured image you may have thought that I was at the Red House but I wasn’t, I was at the opening of the pub The Castle in Donnington which has just been taken over by the people who own and run The Red House in Marsh Benham.  Thank goodness as at […]

Vineyard, Robby wasn’t here today but his influence was

Dear readers you know my favourite places to eat and just by looking through the blog you will see how often the Vineyard is mentioned.  Hell, it was the place I chose to get married, indeed my only regret of the whole day is that as the bride I had to come later and missed […]

Its Chrissssssstmas!! Looking to review places that don’t just do turkey

I hate to say this as I am in no way Mrs Christmas, I have staff (you know who you are Sandra) who count down the days from December 26th onwards but I personally think Christmas starts on the day West Berkshire Mencap has its Christmas Carol Concert, this year in conjunction with the Mayor […]

Harrow at Little Bedwyn, seriously why only one star?

      Roger (unseen, possibly unsightly or shy or just very busy cooking an amazing meal) and Sue Jones have got the most amazing establishment. I was won over when I turned up to see boxes of Bollinger waiting to be taken in. They were so lucky I am not drinking at the moment. […]

The pop up of pop ups – truly amazing

This has been a very busy weekend, so much so that my fit bit which I only bought for the sleep function, has imploded. I dont need the walking counting steps function, I play Pokemon Go for goodness sake, indeed I have just reclaimed my first gym – sorry stepson Ben mwahahaha. However what a […]

Love Vicars Game, so very meaty

  I had to do another stock as as fast as I do them my middle son Joe takes them and they are liquid, jelly, gold. Where to go? Oh yes, the best bone man I know Alan at Vicars Game. I asked for some veal bones, chicken carcasses, and some pork bones. Oh yes! […]

Golly – who would have thought it – in Newbury?!

  Ok heres a thing. Did you know that you could have a wonderful meal in Newbury at the College which costs a pittance and you are helping youngsters (in my case anyone under 40) with their career development. It is so similar to eating a meal at a place that supports West Berkshire Mencap, […]

Dewpond – fine food and grown children who pay!! BONUS

This post is dedicated to SUAS also known as shutupandshave or even James, my firstborn, because if you get to see this it is because of him, his amazing internet and website skills and just a bit of patience. What a wonderful evening I had, eating in the land of the bunny rabbit with my […]

Update! Oh My The Mothership of stocks!! Veal – thank you @vicars

OK here is the stock pot that I can’t actually pick up, I won’t say it is the reason that I got married but it sure is the reason I won’t get divorced! IT IS VEAL STOCK!!!! Oh thank you Vicars Game (and if you haven’t been here then why the hell not?) This is […]

Spiralisers – not so healthy after all!! Bring on the goose fat!

Ha! So you thought spiralisers were healthy, on trend and the perfect way to make pretend spaghetti. No! This recipe involves three things, potatoes, goose fat and salt. So so perfect. First of all go to Lakeland and get their spiraliser, it is more expensive than the pencil sharpeners but so much better and kind […]