At last – a great Lebanese in Newbury

One of my favourite food styles is Arabic type, lamb, bread, rice, salad, lots of things to dip the bread in.  Before I got divorced this year I used to go to Thailand every year and as soon as I got off the plane in Koh Samui and would start my lamb lust.  What is […]

Use them or lose them – local cuisine

Where do you go to eat, what influences your choice? Is it always price or is it quality or indeed a combination of the two? I was in The Newbury the other day at lunchtime and it was quiet, my understanding is that the chains are offering much cheaper options. I totally get it that […]

Isidro’s – if you havent been why on earth not?

  Just a quickie while I finish off my Bladebone post and then my Prince Street Social in Bristol. Been busy having a grandaughter! This is the most delicious street food I have had. You can get it from Newbury High Street on Saturday mornings at Isidro’s stall near Tesco. Above is a special emergency […]