At last – a great Lebanese in Newbury

One of my favourite food styles is Arabic type, lamb, bread, rice, salad, lots of things to dip the bread in.  Before I got divorced this year I used to go to Thailand every year and as soon as I got off the plane in Koh Samui and would start my lamb lust.  What is […]

Orange at The Sir Roger Titchborne ooh

My dear readers, as you know I dont travel hugely but love any chance to blog somewhere new.  Myself, Ed and the bots and Becky ended up at the Sir Roger Titchborne  in Billinghurst.  We wanted to see a great band, Orange, that I have followed for many years.  One of it’s song contains […]

West Berks Mencap and The Dew Pond, what a relationship

  West Berkshire Mencap has had a long standing relationship with The Dew Pond for several reasons, not least that we only deal with people who provide the best food.  This food was, as always, totally super and the place was full.  Basically twice a year WBM take over the restaurant, one menu is served […]

Who has a double bass on a Tuesday? Azita in Hitchen!

  Sooo I am in Hitchin having medical treatments that you really don’t want to know about!  Tonight I tried a lovely tapas bar round the corner from my hotel  Indeed I could probably roll back if I ate too much.  I love tapas, I am a slow eater and I love little bits of […]

Harrow at Little Bedwyn, seriously why only one star?

      Roger (unseen, possibly unsightly or shy or just very busy cooking an amazing meal) and Sue Jones have got the most amazing establishment. I was won over when I turned up to see boxes of Bollinger waiting to be taken in. They were so lucky I am not drinking at the moment. […]

No food envy in Marlborough, just Plate Hate which is worse

Do you know what I really hate, now come on lovely reader, you must know me this much. I HATE looking forward to food, the wonderful anticipation, the long drive (no I don’t like that bit, that is a lie) then getting a plate of MEH. To be fair one plate of ho hum and […]

Hello Vineyard and hello Robbie

  Ok there was some grieving since Daniel Galmiche left but we knew the Vineyard wouldn’t let us down. For those that think that the Vineyard is all posh and smartness it is very family welcoming. While I was there I saw a huge range of ages and types of people who had one thing […]

Woodspeen – Stunning in every way

Woodspeen – Stunning in every way A lot of people now love fame, everyone wants their 15 minutes and if they cant have it then they want to know someone who has.� Whilst I wasn’t a Donny Osmond or Bay City Rollers fan when I was young (now you know how old I am) my […]

For those that follow my facebook page you will know that I have been banging on about minimising, getting rid of ‘stuff’ and having experiences instead. Read that as you will but in my case I have been asking for meals out as birthday and Christmas presents. I love food as you know and if […]