Newbury is getting better and better, thanks Henry and Joes

We are so lucky in Newbury, we have the Greenham Trust, The Corn Exchange, Ace Space, so many things to do and so many good places to eat like the Bladebone and the Newbury as well as Arigato, The Castle and now – tadah! – Henry and Joes. I first bumped into this dynamic duo […]

Arigato Newbury-Japanese charm

I have been meaning to visit Arigato since it opened but I irritatingly and inconveniently broke my wrist.  Luckily my incredibly patient and helpful DIL (daughter in law) dropped me off there on Wednesday for me to try the food before I interviewed either the incredibly charming Adrian or George, the chef which I will […]

Lussos, a great find in Newbury, amazing Pizza and more

OK this is embarrassing.  I have been recommended to review Lussos in Newbury for so long but haven’t made it there.  However we were lucky enough to present a prize to A Plan Insurance for winning the bowling competition and would you believe it, we had to walk past Lussos.  I say walk past, we […]

Sigh Not So Much Plate Hate as Plate Meh at The Angel in Woolhampton The Angel has had a chequered history, wonderful, dire, hopeful, dire, carvery all one phoenix like uprising after another. However having driven past the carvery sign so many times, seriously who does the word carvery attract except Toby eaters, I stopped at the fantastic Woolhampton Stores and saw an actual menu. This meant that […]

The Newbury in Newbury – great places both

When The Newbury Pub has an event then it is worth noting and putting in the diary. We have a lot of chain restaurants in Newbury and I am sure they are pretty good but I specialise in the independents. Pete Lumber has been a real gift to Newbury, he has invested so much in […]

@JayRayner1 100% The Elephant much less

  The Great Man       When I heard Jay was coming to Newbury, the Emmenthal of towns, I was torn. I had attended one of his Guardian Masterclasses (very good by the way) and we had a debate on whether one should accept free food or not. Fundamentally I would like to think […]

Isidro’s – if you havent been why on earth not?

  Just a quickie while I finish off my Bladebone post and then my Prince Street Social in Bristol. Been busy having a grandaughter! This is the most delicious street food I have had. You can get it from Newbury High Street on Saturday mornings at Isidro’s stall near Tesco. Above is a special emergency […]

Best street food in Newbury – Isidro’s Eastern loveliness

  My newest love is Isidro’s, the best street food we have locally. I was told about this place by my lovely first born James Lawrence. We are gyoza fans to the max and Chris and Venus produce the best I have eaten locally ever. This meal was ordered as a celebration for some lovely […]

Studio Thai, like being on holiday!

What a treat, visiting Studio Thai in Newbury with the gorgeous Waheeda as my dining companion. Now, dear reader, you may know my love of things Thai, I go there for my annual holiday and love every minute. I do try other places but invariably I end up sitting there grumpily wondering why on earth […]

Brebis interview – run over by a steamroller of taste

How exciting, this is one very passionate man, great cook and must be hell to live with, appears to do everything at full speed! Sam is the chef and when I visited both his brother and mum were helping so it appears to be a true family business. In fact some of the meat on […]