Noble House, Portsmouth, makes the good into excellent

Anne and I ( you may recognise her from such posts as Thames Lido and others ) went down to Portsmouth to see Gerald van Courtland Vernon Jackson, the only Mayor of Newbury who needed two lines on his mayoral plaque in Newbury Town Hall.  I was fortunate enough to be his Mayoress which was […]

Sigh Not So Much Plate Hate as Plate Meh at The Angel in Woolhampton The Angel has had a chequered history, wonderful, dire, hopeful, dire, carvery all one phoenix like uprising after another. However having driven past the carvery sign so many times, seriously who does the word carvery attract except Toby eaters, I stopped at the fantastic Woolhampton Stores and saw an actual menu. This meant that […]

The Crooked Billet – finding it is your reward

This was a tip from one of Sam’s friends and what a find it was. If, that is, you can find the place. Despite being in the wilds of nowhere near Henley it was rammed so you obviously have to book. As we sat down I could hear lots of the word Brexit Bremain being […]

Ha – guess what I had for tea – again

First clue, thankyou @vicarsgame raw prawns and chorizo     the other bits, garlic, chorizo, chillie and parsley   a slow frying until they have lost their colour, are softened but not burnt, (garlic is a bugger for this) Raw prawns go in   All cooked   Plated, garlic bread added and eaten – yum. […]

No food envy in Marlborough, just Plate Hate which is worse

Do you know what I really hate, now come on lovely reader, you must know me this much. I HATE looking forward to food, the wonderful anticipation, the long drive (no I don’t like that bit, that is a lie) then getting a plate of MEH. To be fair one plate of ho hum and […]

Sushi Maki – my Bots Dan and Noah opposite approaches

  A quickie on Sushi Maki - I have the most amazing grandson Danny who loves to try all sorts of new food, as a family they all love Isdora’s delicious Malaysian/Thai fusion, particularly the ‘ears’ (gyoza or dumplings to those not in the know) so when Dan asked to try Sushi Maki I was […]

Lots more reviews of hotels and food coming soon

Great Western, Great Starter, Great Cutlery! Sadly rather bland but looked quite nice   I have been given a fab new camera by my lovely husband for giving up the booze for so long, the problem is integrating it into my blog. By the way I hope you notice the wonderful new look to […]

The Pheasant in Lambourn, Shootin’ Huntin’ Eatin’ Sleepin’

  I haven’t done too much in the Lambourn area so it was great to meet Rupert who owns The Pheasant and asked about a review. He talked to me about two of his places, The Pheasant in Lambourn and the Hart near Andover, both of which also have rooms.   Lambourn proves my theory […]

KC Tavern – complete turnaround, fab

I love a pub run by passionate people and the owners, Josh and Inna Khan, have it in heaps. In fact if you get a chance to chat to them they have the most amazing story of how they came to be running the KC. They could have a whole radio programme to themselves and […]

Scallops and prawns YUM Veggies avoid this post Pescaterians embrace

When Tony is out I muck about cooking things that I fancy and one that I keep coming back to and refining is my scallops and prawns dish. Today I left out the beetroot and introduced wild garlic. onions and smoked bacon lardons in wild garlic butter fresh raw scallops and prawns ready to be […]