Henry and Joes – stand out food and adorable staff

  Newbury has some great places to eat and they need local support or we will lose them.  The Newbury Pub, Mio Fiore and any other privately owned establishments should be given our custom so that they stay and grow. Home made bread and butter, totally delicious     I was told this dish was […]

Henry & Joes such an amazing meal

  We are so lucky in Newbury to have some great restaurants like The Newbury and now this fantastic pop up.  Different people operate different nights and tonight we went to Henry & Joes Dining Table @16BartholomewStreet.  The food is first class on every night regardless of who is operating that night and it is […]

Michelin take note of The Newbury, why did I only have one starter!

  Another place I love and will support is The Newbury pub, not a chain and run by some magnificent people.  I have followed Darren (not in a stalkerish way!) for many years and it is great to see his influence coming through and being encouraged by the lovely Pete Lumber.  By the way I […]

Wellington Arms, such a Buzz

I have been to the Wellington Arms in Baughurst before.  I always compare it to a little Manoir in that it has the most wonderful home grown vegetables, its own livestock and sells home made bread and preserves. In fact I am not sure the Manoir does the selling bit of home made bread.  The […]

Scallops and prawns YUM Veggies avoid this post Pescaterians embrace

When Tony is out I muck about cooking things that I fancy and one that I keep coming back to and refining is my scallops and prawns dish. Today I left out the beetroot and introduced wild garlic. onions and smoked bacon lardons in wild garlic butter fresh raw scallops and prawns ready to be […]

Roux Parliament Square

What a place to celebrate. This was proper posh and even better I got to interview Marco for Kennet Radio before the meal. He is an other passionate chef, always a great sign when you are about to eat somewhere. Marco looking like he wishes he was somewhere else It was very kind of Marco […]

Just a quickie – hospital tomorrow – eating today!

The melodramatic bit. Having had SIX months of different hospitals trying to pass me off to any other hospital because they don’t want to delve into my innards (and I actually find that quite offensive, surely my innards are cute and entertaining) I now discover I need TWO surgeons to be present and the op […]

Bristol, new find (for me!) Bell’s Diner

  A couple of nights ago I had a delightful dinner at the Hotel Du Vin with colleagues from a marvellous charity, The Brandon Trust. The dinner and the company were lovely, as was the hotel, definitely one to return to. The following day, after working fairly hard (for me) I was able to visit […]

Vineyard – yes I know it is back yet again but the food is just so good

We are having a charity dinner at the Vineyard (book now as tickets will sell out, 27th September!) so I got the chance to eat there after our meeting. We had a great supporter with us as well as staff who will be doing so much of the work involved so that gave me a […]