West Berks Mencap and The Dew Pond, what a relationship

  West Berkshire Mencap has had a long standing relationship with The Dew Pond for several reasons, not least that we only deal with people who provide the best food.  This food was, as always, totally super and the place was full.  Basically twice a year WBM take over the restaurant, one menu is served […]

Dewpond – fine food and grown children who pay!! BONUS

This post is dedicated to SUAS also known as shutupandshave or even James, my firstborn, because if you get to see this it is because of him, his amazing internet and website skills and just a bit of patience. What a wonderful evening I had, eating in the land of the bunny rabbit with my […]

Brebis – medical emergency!! Must read!

  Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t have a medical emergency there as you may class it but it was a necessity that I ‘Brebis up’ before I go to Koh Samui. I lurked outside waiting for it to open looking very shady. I peered through the window at the chalkboard and saw Moules on it and […]

Newbury Racecourse the perfect partner with West Berkshire Mencap

Warning, blatant advertisement for West Berkshire Mencap Race Day Friday 4th March 2016 The cooking at Newbury Racecourse is just wonderful and is a major draw to West Berkshire Mencap’s annual Race Day. It is high quality dining that our guests enjoy (along with the wine) to make a day that many organisations and individuals […]

Le Manoir courses with cheeky Adam, the tutor with sass

There were so many course to choose from and if you look on the website you will see a range of new ones including BBQs, cooking with children, macaroons, the choice is amazing. I would die and go to heaven if I could do the canape course bearing in mind my two favourite food groups […]

Just a quickie – hospital tomorrow – eating today!

The melodramatic bit. Having had SIX months of different hospitals trying to pass me off to any other hospital because they don’t want to delve into my innards (and I actually find that quite offensive, surely my innards are cute and entertaining) I now discover I need TWO surgeons to be present and the op […]

Blackberry Cottage, cakes with veg, well I never did!!

Kate from Blackberry Cottage recently visited West Berkshire Mencap bringing delicious supplies of cakes and traybakes which all had one thing in common, they all had vegetables in them. This venture started about ten years ago when a mum turned up at Kate’s home in tears because she was unable to get her child to […]