Guess where I was, trick question, The BRAND NEW Castle!

If you saw the featured image you may have thought that I was at the Red House but I wasn’t, I was at the opening of the pub The Castle in Donnington which has just been taken over by the people who own and run The Red House in Marsh Benham.  Thank goodness as at […]

Best street food in Newbury – Isidro’s Eastern loveliness

  My newest love is Isidro’s, the best street food we have locally. I was told about this place by my lovely first born James Lawrence. We are gyoza fans to the max and Chris and Venus produce the best I have eaten locally ever. This meal was ordered as a celebration for some lovely […]

The Angel – Woolhampton – excellent food has returned and some!

Oh I am so happy, this used to be a regular haunt of ours but a couple of years ago went downhill rapidly. Various dodgy dealings were involved that I know very little about but worst of all the food became rubbish. Now as you know there are may stabilities in my life, one, I […]

White Hart, Hamstead Marshall, September quiz

Oh yes, West Berkshire Mencap won again, next time it is the turn of the Bubble mums and the specialist subject is Peppa Pig. I will show some photos from the quiz but have been sworn to silence about the new menu which is fantastic (the menu, not keeping quiet). The sharing board gets better […]

Max Cafe, A4 near Woolhampton, not just for bikers!

Do you ever have one of those days when you just need to be satisfied by a particular thing, in my case usually peking dumplings or oysters. sometimes cod and chips and sometimes a full English breakfast (see picture above. Max Cafe is on the A4 near Theale and has been around for over 80 […]

Definitely the best meeting venue I have ever been to – Vineyard Stockcross

Today was a beautiful sunny day and I sat in the stunning grounds of the Vineyard Hotel in Stockcross with two lovely ladies. We were there to discuss holding a joint gala event to be held in Autumn 2014 to raise funds for two fantastic organisations, The Pelican Cancer Trust and West Berkshire Mencap. This […]

Vineyard – Stockcross Stay + Food = Amazing

Last night I stayed in one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. The Vineyard at Stockcross is, as you know, a particular favourite of mine as it is where I got engaged and married to my current husband (good to keep him on his toes). I gave him an awful time when […]

Canapes, just canapes but wow the Vineyard is spectacular

I think I have made it very clear how much I love the Vineyard at Stockcross, I may have also mentioned that my favourite two food groups are champagne and canapes which the Vineyard excel at. The event I attended was to promote the West Berkshire Business Awards (they have put in a community/charity category […]