Mezze Palace Bristol – comfort food

When ever I look for a good feed I tend to look for comfort food. I was brought up in Aden, Yemen, I had the most fabulous feral childhood but pay for it now at every airport when they look at my passport. I know custom officers intimately in many countries. Sooo…… Rachel and I had our starters at San Carlos and decided it was time for our main meal. She is SO my daughter, I love eating with her. Sometimes, as I order my fifth starter she looks like she is about to say “What the Hell mum, I mean seriously, FIVE starters” but she always stops and smiles and lets me get on with it.

We saw a Lebanese restaurant. My comfort food is lamb and rice, better with bread and yoghurt. It called us and lured us in despite being next to a Chinese restaurant where half the menu was in Chinese and they did dumplings (always a test). The Mezze Palace was lit low for romance, Rach and I actually looked like two lesbian lovers as it was so romantic and we fed each other but hey, we are cool with our sexuality and confident regarding others opinions. Rachel had the most amazing fruit shake which had gin in it which she said reminded her of exotic holidays and was under £4. We then had a mixture of food, I had more starters, the most wonderful bread stuffed with minced lamb, the bread was thin and crispy and the meat was spiced but not too hot. I also had tzatziki which had loads of chopped cucumber in it and one of the nicest I have eaten, chunky with great yoghurt, it made me want to dip all my bread in it, also hummus which was beautifully presented. I particularly liked the salad, cucumber, tomatoes, onions and peppers chopped fine with parsley, mint and garlic and so moreish. Rach had tahini lamb kebabs with rice with an incredibly rich gravy. We shared in that ‘me stealing off her plate’ way and I can confirm that this was a very tasty meal.

The service was impeccable and I have NEVER had such good value for money. We will definitely be back and recommend this highly.

2013-04-28 Mezze Palace tahini kebabs and rice

2013-04-28 Mezze Palace

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