Bladebone June 2013, perfect sharer (unless you are me in which case a perfect non sharer) also the case for canapes

bladebone sharer june 2013

This is a really delicious sharer (non) for so many reasons. Look at the thick slice of ham, it tasted of ham not water, it was full of flavour and porkiness, as was the ham hock terrine, that very big and fat slice on the right which was supreme. New to the table was the chicken thigh which was utterly moist and melted in the mouth, such an incredible piece of what could be really rather boring meat was made stupendous. The Barkham Blue waved to me in its familiar way, enticing me to become a blue cheese devotee and actually succeeding. Please note that the bread came with butter (you know how cross I get about having to ask) plus tap water was provided. They also provided a pot of Good Old Boy Chutney which went wonderfully with the star of the show, the award winning Truffled Ham Egg and Chips Scotch Egg. Perfect but what would you expect from the Bladebone?

Sometimes I just want to eat something simple and picky. Lots of little bits that I can nibble on. This is why my very favourite food groups are canapés and champagne followed by tapas and then a portion of manapes. I prefer savoury to sweet although when push comes to shove or plate nears my hand then I am happy to try most things. That is the wonder of small. If it is foul then you haven’t wasted too much effort or taste buds on it and if it is good you learn the pincer movement to get more of the good stuff. Now, if you are a member of the Ferguson family or are related to me in any way, indeed if you are just a vague acquaintance who happens to be near me at the right time (feeding time) you will learn these techniques. At a pinch they can be achieved by one very skilled person (me of course) but it helps if there are more of you. Not too many though or you lose the benefit. Say you are in a hotel reception room, networking with delightful people and learning new and wonderful things. Probably 99.9% of you is concentrating on the interesting event and the fascinating people. Then it happens, you see a movement from the door in the corner of the room, a tray enters at waist height followed by the server holding it. Oh my, what is it going to contain, this tray of delights. Maybe a little roll of smoked salmon stuffed with a mild wasabi mousse, a tiny square of sea fresh tuna crusted with herbs or the finest, moreish, lightest, crumbliest cheese straw flavoured with pistachios or smoked paprika.

Le Manoir canapes

Canapes at Le Manoir – lush

More vineyard canapes as described before except the final spoon is smoked salmon paupiette with creme fraiche and micro herbs.  How can the Vineyard be so good at this
More vineyard canapes as described before except the final spoon is smoked salmon paupiette with creme fraiche and micro herbs. How can the Vineyard be so good at this

Canapes at the Vineyard, superb

Right, action A, simple, just stand near the door that they are coming out of until the servers start to recognise you and swerve past you. Action B, now we are into needing help, two people stand 4 feet in front of the canapé entrance, one person stops the server to take one and make conversation, the other person digs in (me). This may lead to a problem. The servers may get wise to the fact that you are out there and find another door to enter so keep your eyes and ears (and nose) well peeled for the subterfuge entrance. If you have a group of 4 you can do action B in two places. Also all pick up a piece for a friend, particularly if they are helping in the pincer movements, otherwise eat them yourself.

Please note that I genuinely have malnutrition and not just pigginess. Thus I am doing this for my health, honest.

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