Beth’s 50th Birthday


This is my sister Beth’s 50th birthday party (sorry for letting the world know Boo) and the only time she is only one year younger than me. The whole thing was magnificent, It was a fifties tea party with the most amazing sandwiches, cakes and biscuits. Above is Beth outside the pagoda that had different muscial performers in including my talented nieces. Beth is very musical and works at the Brit School in London.


This is more to show the marvellous biscuit trees that another sister, Kristin, made. They looked beautiful and were snaffled up really quickly. We are all foodies and are getting together for a stay at The Vineyard and having lunch at Le Manoir for our girlie weekend this year.


More food, scones, cakes, a traditional Littlewood kitchen overflowing with food of every sort. If we go into each others kitchens we can normally find anything as we tend to store things similarly, is this true in other families? I love it that I can go into Miris kitchen and find the forks and Beths kitchen and find the glasses and Krissies kitchen and find the saucepans.


This is Miri on the right, the sister who is most like me physically (though with much better hair and teeth) and on her left is Ed who is volunteering at West Berkshire Mencap at the moment, what a star.


One of the beautifully laid tables with flowers, tea sets, cake stands etc. It really was a most fantastic party full of joy and happiness and people that love Beth.


Ok not food (although Rachel my daughter is always talking about eating him, strange girl) but I did have to put in one picture of my bot who just jumped into the pool without a care. Scarey child, just like his dad, James.



This was the most amazing cake, one carrot cake layer and one chocolate with the most beautiful frosted fruit all around it. Apparently it had Beths name but the dog ate it!! Great improvisation. It was phenomenal.

Another day of memories to share and reminisce about later on in life, this is what is important. What are we if not made up of memories so lets make them good ones. I can remember being on the front of my dads motor bike in Aden when I was little and going everywhere with him. I remember my mum making fish balls and turtle egg coconut biscuits (tasted quite fishy but totally legal then). I can remember fighting with Beth and making up mad fantasies with her where we became two different people. Memories, children, grandchildren, friends and so it goes. In all of this food is a major part of my memories and can bring back instant thoughts of where I had it and how I felt when I ate it.

Thank you Beth for inviting me to your birthday party.


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