Aldermaston Stores, what a spicy find!

I have been going here for years, to be honest it is the nearest shop, I live somewhere where I cant do that wonderful thing I had in Newbury. You call a number and people bring you food to your door, you just give them money and you can eat, amazing!! I live in Padworth, not the posh bit, and Aldermaston Stores is not even a walk away (certainly not for me, these feet are made for pedals). However I pass it every day on the way to and from work and it is brilliant, it has everything you could need plus more. I stop there so often that I actually feel part of the family. There is one counter that really takes my eye, it is full of the most wonderful scotch eggs, hand made pork pies and fantastic spicy kachori and samosas.


Now here is a fact for you, apparently Bimal, the owner, assures me that Aldermaston folk like a bit of spice. I have to say that this fact doesn’t surprise me, us country folk aren’t dull in any way. We particularly appreciate quality food and cheerful service which is what you get from Aldermaston Stores. They are very involved in the community, the window is covered in posters of local events and the charity boxes inside are overflowing with the generosity of the locals. Not just locals either as the shop is a handy drive by for people going to Tadley and Basingstoke as well as the back way to Newbury.


The best pasties, pork pies and home made samosas and pachora
The best pasties, pork pies and home made samosas and pachora

The reason that The Aldermaston Stores have made it onto my blog is the fact that they home cook their kachori and samosas as well as selling the lovely pies and scotch eggs which are made down in Devon. The kachori are round balls with a filling of what tastes like potatoes, spices, peas, possibly some sort of daal and a bit of inner spicy heat. The samosas come in lamb, chicken or vegetable flavours, I always have the lamb which is delicious dipped in yoghourt. I just love the fact that these spicy treats are made specifically for Aldermaston stores and are popular with a lot of customers.

All villages should have a place like Aldermaston Stores, run by friendly staff and stocking all the essentials you need to pick up on the way to work or home. You can get a coffee there with a hot pasty on your way to work or the milk or bread you forgot for tea. Too many of these shops are closing so please support your local shop, we will miss them if they go.


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