Taste of Christmas at the Vineyard 2013

This was indeed magnificent. I should have realised when I got the last parking space in the car park and another 100 cars had to park elsewhere. The Vineyard was buzzing and as I entered the lobby I saw with delight that it had turned into a stunning Christmas market. On the right were the very welcoming members of the committee who charged £5 entrance fee which gave you a chance to enter a prize draw to win a night at the Vineyard or a photographic session with Adam Hillier. The front lobby had several stalls and I have done interviews which will be broadcast on Kennetradio.com.

2013-12-02 13.34.57

The setting was stunning, so Christmassy and I really felt festive (that was even before I hit the Pinksters Pink Gin stall).

2013-12-02 13.14.07

Pinksters Gin, I so want that tapped dispenser you can see on the left. Perfect for a Martini.

2013-12-02 13.15.33Marsden Confectionery, fudge of a very high standard, try the lavender

2013-12-02 13.16.30

2013-12-02 14.09.23


These are all cheeses from Just Add Grapes, a shop based in Weavers Walk in Newbury and well worth a visit, note the wonderful fruits which are cheddar infused with liquor.

2013-12-02 13.42.50

The perfect stall for those obsessed with high quality stationery, leather bound diaries of all sorts and sizes, absolutely wonderful.

2013-12-02 13.43.04

Ok I was tempted here and bought some lovely drop earrings, irresistible.

2013-12-02 13.47.31Ahem, this was the perfect stall for anyone with a tiny girl, can my children please start breeding, I love my grandbots to bits but need a girl as well although it may bankrupt me

2013-12-02 13.54.00Such lovely tableware, I can envisage my Christmas table covered with it, huge bowls of roast potatoes and vegetables beautifully presented.

2013-12-02 13.54.06

Amazing jewellery made from aluminium and very non allergenic

2013-12-02 13.56.09

2013-12-02 13.56.16






These are the spa stalls from the Vineyard, smelt delicious and I flipping forgot to buy the Daniel Galmiche cook book which contains the best mushroom risotto in the history of the universe. Dear Vineyard, next time I visit please remind me that I need to buy one!

2013-12-02 14.01.11

The Wonderful Wessex Wild Plum Company – white bullace liqueur and other wild plum drinks. Delicious.


2013-12-02 15.30.42 2013-12-02 16.12.13 2013-12-02 17.13.22

Aha – food! I had to stop for sustenance so had the charcuterie board, the pumpkin risotto which were of course delicious (although nothing, and I mean NOTHING will beat the wild mushroom risotto), Next to that are some canapés, after I had looked at it and inhaled there were just empty spoons left!! As CEO of a significant charity I thought it best not to leave visible bite marks in the hands of anyone who tried to get in my way.

2013-12-02 17.15.54 2013-12-02 17.21.12 2013-12-02 17.51.18

Look at the lovely canapes makers, how sad it must have been for them to see their delicious salmon and caviare, game and fous gras and hock canapes (I may have all of those names wrong) disappear so fast. Plus they had a Thermomix producing amazing sorbets and dry ice producing iced custard that tasted of Christmas pudding. They looked like they were having fun.

All in all a great event to attend, charities benefit plus you get the chance to buy high quality goods.

I did not pay for my food but really appreciated it!

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