The Golden Triangle of Chapel Row

Oh I am such a lucky bunny. I live in the best place, so near to town yet close to country. Near civilisation but not close enough to impact on the residents of our house in any way. Really close to The Golden Triangle. I have written about the delightful Chapel Row before but, as I have recently escaped the house for an hour to go to the Artisan Market, I am going to write about it again. Not least because it is just the best place to drop relatively large amounts of money in a very short space of time on fantastic local products. In fact the only downside is that we cant get any sort of take away or delivery of food but there are super places to go to instead.

Market items

2014-07-05 11.02.05

 Smoked bacon and rocket quiche

2014-07-05 11.02.27

 Beautiful saffron gold mushrooms

2014-07-05 11.03.31

 Stunningly fresh crab, prawns and huge sweet scallops (or as I call it, tea)

2014-07-05 11.04.45

Home grown vegetables. If only I had known how many broad beans would actually have resulted from this bag I would have bought the entire stock.



2014-07-05 11.05.20

Oooh, cep salt and coconut coated marshmallows




 Chilli oils, mustards and the mushroom salt


 Lots of different marshmallows


The Blackbird Cafe, source of much deliciousness. Go for morning coffee, afternoon tea, bread and cakes of the like never before seen in Chapel Row. This was my first and only port of call when I was told I had to go straight into hospital.



Lemon Meringue cake. Words cannot do this justice. Drooooooool.


Earl Grey tea cake. Fabulous to look at and just as good to eat.

L Tillotson Interiors. A shop jam packed with wondrous items of beauty (not least the lovely Linda herself). Rachel Lawrence, see the sparkly bag, how cool is that? The throws are so soft and snuggy and the belts are brilliant, I have one myself.




2014-07-05 10.47.02

The Artisan Market is held on the first Saturday of every month and is well worth a visit. Unfortunately the next one clashes with our Westie Walk but I am wondering if I can do a very fleeting visit, it is so worth it. You can have breakfast at the Bladebone, go for a coffee and cake at the Blackbird Cafe then shop for things of beauty at LTillotson Interiors – perfect.



Westie Walk (other dogs welcome) Greenham Control Tower 11 am 2nd August


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