An Old Friend revisited – White Hart

I was released temporarily last week and was trying to go past The White Hart in Hampstead Norreys but was unable to. A weird magnetic force of remembered tastiness propelled me in to the delish food pub for an early lunch. Because this visit was a bit sudden and impulsive I forgot to pick up a menu to prompt my memory so you will sadly have to rely on my impoverished brain cells for this review.


It was lovely to be back and to see people there that I had recommended, this blog apparently has some following which is lovely, hello everyone, friendly wave. In fact the last 3 places I have visited I have met people who are there because of my recommendations, Wahoo.


Sadly Darren, the talented and innovative chef, wasnt there but he had obviously left the place in able hands because the food was all excellent. Tony had mushrooms which tasted lovely (thanks my very patient dining partner) and I had smoked salmon which was beautifully presented but needed bread to accompany it (in my humble opinion). I asked for bread and when it eventually came it was delicious, warm and crusty and almost a course in iteself, but it did take a while to appear.


For a main course Tony had fresh mackerel, fresh fish is something this pub excels in and I am desperate to try a Tuesday Shells night, it looks amazing. I had haddock and chips with homemade yummy tartare sauce.


Tony had a variety of icecreams for pudding which he loved.


My only gripe would be that we were put so close to the kitchen door that I ended up holding it open for the servers, not by choice but by instinct. We had a huge table placed next to us, who were delightful, I am not complaining about them, but we were shuffled even closer to the kitchen door which wasnt a great place to be. The staff were lovely and not too intrusive and I would definitely return, hopefully for the Shells night, but would ask for better seating.




 Tony’s mushrooms, tasted great and wish I could remember more details!


Beautiful smoked salmon, what a treat for the eyes and palate, just needed some bread



 Tony s mackerel, perfectly cooked with a choice of butters


  Fish and chips with scallops and garlic prawns (bought later)

IMG_2096 IMG_2102





 Ziggy, the dog we rescued from the Dogs Trust, with abnormally large ears and an ….


 abnormally large tongue!!

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