Back, Bouncing and Ready to Review

How exciting! Not only am I back and catching up on postponed promises of reviews but I am taking a slightly different path. My next theme is going to be food of different cultures. Wonderfully this can be as wide as any of my previous themes (in fact the last themes were so wide that I don’t think that they were themes at all). Hey, I am an ex politician, I know how to tie myself into a theme without actually doing so but the new path will be helped at first by the wonderful Waheeda from Kennet Radio. Waheeda of the smoky and sultry eyes and enigmatic voice. I am going to stand close to her and soak up her gorgeousness and pretend it is my own.ÂÂ


On a completely different tack Tony, my OH, has lost nearly two stone and reversed his diabetes. Well done to him I hear you say. Absolutely, he has worked hard at eating well and walking hard. However ….. I am going to take some of the credit here because, whilst Tony does an awful lot of work, domestic and otherwise, the one thing he never does is cook. Therefore it is me that has been creative in the kitchen producing tasty meals that are low in calories and high in healthiness. I have been asked so many times for recipes that I have decided to bore you all and put them onto my blog. The first will be coming soon.


So I am indeed back and raring to go. Any restaurants that have asked for a review that haven’t heard from me please tweet me or call me to remind me to get in touch and huge apologies. I am particularly looking forward to hearing from my favourites who have had a menu change as Autumn zooms in.

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