Brebis, seriously I do NOT live here! 30th March is our Mencap day sign up quick

The lovely boys at Brebis donated a prize for our race day that went for nearly £2,000. For only £50 you too can enjoy this haven of deliciousness but move fast as only ten places left. The Fundraiser is £50 and is on 30th March, call 01635 41464 to book.

I have been back from Thailand for a week so I think I have been seriously self controlled to wait until Friday to get back to my second home, or Brebis as you know it. As always I irritatingly went straight to the kitchen, to be fair I was invited and I love the atmosphere there and was still there when Tony turned up. We are going in a couple of weeks and Tony’s only concern is that they remembered that he wanted pigs trotter which takes several days notice. However his excitement was heightened by the sight of a huge wheel of anchovies in the kitchen.



Stunning amuse bouche which Tony’s beloved anchovies took part in, a true mouth sensation



Home made bread and butter










a wonderful and beautifully tasty ham with remoulade. stunning


consomme of king oyster mushrooms, pickled, fried and raw mushrooms, unbelievably good

IMG_2446 2

duck liver and fois gras parfait, home made baguette, all perfect



Bream bourguignnon, pomme fondant


Mackerel of deliciousness


IMG_2431 2

Ha! Tonys pig trotter with chicken mousse filling served with pomme puree. Magnificent and the reason Tony loves Brebis more than he loves me, thanks guys, perhaps you can do his washing!



Smoked salmon, apple and almonds, sounds simple but the flavours were complex and divine



hahaha not telling you but man was it good!! lots of different chocolate beautifully put together

IMG_2433 2

lemon tart, perfectly citrussy yet light and delicate

IMG_2435 2

creme brulee, stunning

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