Prince Street Social, hip and loving

Ok a million apologies for this being so incredibly late but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt go to Prince Street Social. Au contraire dear reader, get your hairy little legs over there as fast as possible (sorry if I am labelling your legs like mine!) Now I need to say here that I was there for the opening and to interview the delightful manager rather than eat the day to day food but fear not, I have been keeping an eye on the menu AND getting local knowledge and this is somewhere to go for a fantastic time. For sure not only did I have a great time but also my daughter who snuck in on my coat strings and was still made very welcome. She is part of several local bands including Gin Bowlers so has an eye on the local scene which is handy. She said she would arrive on time and was only an hour and a half late so that wasnt too bad for her. I had given up my no drinking at this point and ordered the most amazing cocktail. Seriously if I lived closer this place would be the ruination of me but I am envious of those that can just pop in!



What this place excells at are cocktails although the craft beer from their King Street Brewhouse is meant to be very good. Thank you Gary Roper (manager) for such an informative interview. This beautifully decorated venue has delightful friendly staff and great cocktails.





OK had to put this photo in, watermelon and chocolate, do these people have access to my dreams???


Canapes, the best food group in the world


oh my, this was lobster roll and was truly wonderfully delicious, if you go for nothing else go for this and it is on the bar menu at all times (if it doesn’t run out!)


This was happiness on a plank


pudding stuff, all very good but as you know it is savoury all the way for me and if the savouries are tiny like canapés all the better!

So – to recap. Go to Prince Street Social. Lovely staff, very good food, lovely decor and amazing drinks.


The reason my blog was so late, this is my son Joe who has a number one in a lot of countries in the dance charts (he writes the stuff for other people and does studio magic but I don’t really get it, i Just know he gave me a granddaughter and that will do for me. I title this pic, “No really I am fine that this is what I got for my studio after waiting 9 months although I was sure it was going to be a Fender Strat”

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