Ok Bladebone hug my accepting bosom of food love

With a huge sadness that Brebis as was will be no more but hells bells if you need a double decker bus of 5 star food this is the place to go I have to say that my new local is The Bladebone. Always welcoming, clever move even if you are swallowing your vomit as I call, your food is jolly good and I can recommend you to my friends. Particularly love that when we went today we saw some foody friends who read my blog/facebook which was satisfying. Not so satisfying is that Helen is flipping gorgeous, can eat what she wants and is a thoroughly good egg with it .


A little snackette, bread with butter (with salt on top, i like this craze), balsamic and olive oil and an amazing ailoili. We didnt order the mini sausages and in all honesty I think we deserve serious kudos for that.



Tonys three way goats chesse, not mine so blah blah blah, he loved it, his son loves it but I dont care



My smoked salmon, right answer me this people. Why is it that when I buy smoked salmon and do it at home it is NEVER as good as having it here. I mean seriously WTF this is crazy stuff



Tonys Crab, he loved it but as it wasnt mine blah blah blah although i noticed other people ordering it.




My roast beef, supremely perfectly rare, oh such happiness and love




Hells bells even better, little dishes of wonderful vegetables, this could be no better!



ok this makes me laugh as it is one dog photbombing the one on the bed the pub provides , do you hear that, the pub provide dog beds, treats and water!!




Owners of photobombing dogs



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