Dewpond – fine food and grown children who pay!! BONUS

This post is dedicated to SUAS also known as shutupandshave or even James, my firstborn, because if you get to see this it is because of him, his amazing internet and website skills and just a bit of patience.

What a wonderful evening I had, eating in the land of the bunny rabbit with my grown up children eating wonderful food.

Firstly, dear reader, if you are a parent take heart in this article. There comes a time that you don’t automatically put your hand in your pocket when your child appears in front of you. They grow up old enough to pay for themselves, indeed sometimes they pay for you which is a truly wonderful thing even though it feels somehow wrong at the time. Maybe it is because I then feel so much older, possibly redundant as a parent yet there is also something amazing that both Sam and James, Tony’s first and and my first, were grown ups, paying their way. Oh my. The bonus is that they are also great company and already know the family shorthand for jokes etc.

Every six months the President of West Berkshire Mencap holds a ‘Dewpond Dinner’ at, funnily enough, The Dewpond in Old Burghclere. It is a Secret Sale for the favoured few who get themselves on the invite list. It has also raised over £30,000 for West Berkshire Mencap over the last 20 years! At the last one there was a prize of £100 voucher for the Dewpond which Alice won. So we all went courtesy of Alice and her kindness. Yum, girlfriends who share. Sam has done well, she is a keeper.

2016-06-17 18.52.08

The reason the photos are so bad is not because I spent hours trying to work out the camera and the upload (although I did), it is because I am such a shit photographer. No denying it. That was crab and avocado

2016-06-17 18.52.57

A rubbish picture of their signature double cheese souffle, stunning food

2016-06-17 18.52.29

2016-06-17 18.54.04

My second starter of scallops and chorizo – oh man that is blurry

2016-06-17 19.10.15

Duck, said to be amazing

2016-06-17 19.10.44

Totally mucked about with menu in that we were those irritating people who said the beef fillet but with fondant potatoes not puree. Fondant potatoes are my favourite potato ever as they are literally just a butter stock vessel. Tender tasty beef, lickable plate

2016-06-17 19.12.00

The original version


Cheese before pudding as Sam, our football hooligan wished. With port.

2016-06-17 19.07.55

Sam, the football hooligan insisting on his cheese with port before the pudding in the traditional French style

2016-06-17 19.08.00

James, my baby boy, with his longsuffering wife Becky. Both my sons are married to Rebecca Jane Lawrence, a fact that never fails to amuse me.

2016-06-17 20.07.39

Every pudding known to man (nearly) on one plate

2016-06-17 20.07.53

Another picture of the pudding as it was amazing

2016-06-17 20.08.01

Tony’s meringue

2016-06-17 18.13.01

Some of the lovely staff.

Do go to the Dewpond, it is run by wonderful people, staffed by very friendly and delightful staff and the food is stupendous. If you want the vaguest chance of getting on the WBMencap list then call 01635 41464 but no promises 🙂

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