Bladebone just keeps getting better AND it is a Pokestop

Please bear with me, this does work out in the end. My lovely middle son Joe. music producer, very intense and incredibly fussy about good food, asked if I could be the first babysitter for my grandaughter, Jennifer. She is 3 months old and has very protective and loving parents (as do my other grandchildren).  There was nothing available so I called The Bladebone and they fitted him in. This was a good thing as Joe cares about his food and The Bladebone is about his best choice that he knows in this area. Tony managed to get them there and as he pulled up at our home the call came to come and get them. They had shovelled the food in and wanted to come back to check Jennifer hadnt died on my watch. Indeed, she was in my room all night and the only thing that kept me awake was her parents putting their head round the door every 50 minutes to check that Jennifer was indeed asleep and happy. She was, they werent and I could have been if her parents werent disturbing me hourly. This is a prelude to saying how wonderful The Bladebone were to both accomodate them and to understand.

I have finally worked out that I can get Joe to visit me using food as a lure, a little bit like Pokemon Go, using The Bladebone and Vicars as the lure. If he loves The Bladebone so should you all. He is a good benchmark as is The Bladebone. His ability to let go of his daughter and develop good babysitters isnt quite as good. He suggested getting a takeaway and sitting in the garden for an hour. This was rejected by me, GAGA, and he was told to go out and leave her thus the very quick meal. Love the fact that even though it was a quick meal it still had to be good. A true son of mine and tells you a lot about The Bladebone.

I cant post pics of what they ate although I know as they ordered the breads and three dips, oh so yum, and then the cod and chips with mushy peas and tartare that they must have gobbled their way through it imagining terrible things about Jennifer being left in my arms as they did so (to be fair they are wise, I tried her out on the taste of watermelon :-)). At least they had a good meal bless their cotton socks, if only they had remained as sleepy as Jennifer but as The Bladebone is so wonderfully family friendly I am sure that they will understand.


Tony’s Goat Cheese 3 ways, beautifully presented


Sorry I tried not to have this but couldn’t, came close with the crispy monk fish and tiger prawn salad but the scallops won


Some of the extra veg, always a delight


love the steak knives thrown in the board at the end. This was Cote de Bouef done rare in the middle for me and less rare for Tony. The amount was so huge I had to take some home for the ‘ahem’ dog. yum


A little extra, some veg in Bearnaise, yummy and unexpected


What can I say, an amazing staff member, Ms Alex Haines, a true delight, welcoming and professional and a joy to be served by


Ok this is weird, dear reader, those of you that know me know that I dont do puddings but I had to have this, I only have a few requests re pudding and this fitted every category but one, it had marshmallow, berry sorbet, mousse, meringues (chewy and just right) and berries. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been a tiny bit of cake but hey I am asking for miracles here. This was nigh on perfect and I ate it!!


In case you didnt get it The Bladebone is also a Pokemon stop. This picture is one of West Berkshire Mencaps mutts with my phone attached by string to up my miles. Yes yes, I am addictive and obsessed but that is why I blog on food so you get the bad with the good.

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