Love Vicars Game, so very meaty


I had to do another stock as as fast as I do them my middle son Joe takes them and they are liquid, jelly, gold. Where to go? Oh yes, the best bone man I know Alan at Vicars Game. I asked for some veal bones, chicken carcasses, and some pork bones. Oh yes! I love Vicars, so much amazing food and a fabulous local butcher and deli.



Did you know there was an Institute of Meat, well Alan does and is well up there! Yay to Alan and Vicars. If only I could go there and just buy what I intended to buy but you cant, you go and think actually I need this as well, oh and this. So it wasnt just bones that I bought but hey it was all good.



SO here are the bones for the stock, at front are veal bones, oh yes, then chicken wings (my son wondered why I was wasting them in stock but not so much that he couldnt have the stock which he sniffs out every time he comes round)




yup, a lot of bones, got to the point that I may need another giant stock pan that I cant actually hold, hmm or maybe people that dont demand my stock in a desperate way, I am a people pleaser so hard to say no


See, one gigantic stock pot that I could fit Jennifer in then an overflow, I need another Giant pot.




Jennifer, my granddaughter, nothing to do with stock although to be honest she would easily fit into my stock pot, just saying, in fact my pizza oven is a good fit and she is still milk fed. Again, just saying




my grandaughter Jennifer with blonde hair like my beautiful DIL Becky



See, perfect size for a milk fed infant (just kidding Joe)

the pizza oven ready for Saturdays try out, to be honest not so bothered about the pizzas but going live scallops, suckling pig, leg of lamb, short ribs of beef and yawn maybe a pizza or two. Thanks Rick



My lovely ex husbands glasses lost months ago somewhere in the pizza oven making, found at last

Not being too needy but now I want a rotisserie over a fire pit and a tandoor oven. Anyone up for sorting that out 🙂




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