Hennessey, make a day of it at Newbury Racecourse


Have you been to Newbury Racecourse.  Here’s a strange thing, more people attend regularly from outside Newbury, indeed it wasnt until West Berkshire Mencap started to have its annual Race Day there (March 3rd 2017 folks) that I became a regular attender.  Yet it really is a fantastic day out.  My bestie, Anne, loves the horses and her hubby takes the most magnificent photos of them which are works of art.  I go for the food.  There is a seafood and champagne bar, there are numerous food outlets, great pies and of course, if you want a truly fabulous day you can book the Hennessey.  It really isnt about a great meal, it is a experience from the moment you get there.  We were welcomed by very efficient and friendly waiting staff who showed us to our table overlooking the racecourse.  The views are brilliant, there is absolutely no need to leave your comfortable seat all day, you can watch the racing from the best angle, people come and take drink orders and bets then come and pay out the winnings.  Totally perfect.  In the picture below the Hennessey is on the left and the Racegoers Restaurant is on the right (that is where the West Berkshire Mencap Race Day is held).

Indeed the change of staff over the last couple of years has been great and only improved Newbury Racecourse, go and have a great time.


Now unfortunately I have not got my notes for all of the names thanks to a hospital visit but I do know that this chap was a very enthusiastic chef who interviewed very well for Kennet Radio.  He really enjoys cooking at the Hennessey and it shows.






Loved the presentation of this smoked salmon, just enough fat to make it slide down tastily, with crab and yuzu pearls and pickled candy beetroot



Fillet of beef Rossini, leek and mushroom panache and potato cocotte with a delicious rich gravy.  Excellent quality beef that was soft and flavourful.




Supreme of Atlantic cod,  smoked fish mash, saffron baby fennel, sautéed spinach and salsa verde.  Again a well cooked dish which was hoovered up by hubby.



Blackberry Crème Brulee, apple sorbet and cinnamon tuile.  A very satisfying crunch through the top of the brulee and a lovely discovery of blackberries at the bottom




Bitter chocolate and hazelnut sphere, praline cream and raspberry crunch, I nicked a bite and it was good




Totally unexpected, the lovely little cakes in the afternoon.  Another huge plus was that we were asked after each course if we wanted to wait for a while before the next course which was a nice touch.  We were also constantly topped up with iced water without having to ask.



Just a little reminder of the West Berkshire Mencap Race Day and lovely to see it in the fixture list, gives me certainty and happiness.  There is one race left to sponsor so please spread the word and book your tables asap.  On days that aren’t our Race Day I highly recommend the Hennessey Restaurant for a fully pampered day with delicious food and service.



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