Hospital Food I have known and ……

Dont get me wrong, I love the majority of the wonderful nurses and people caring for me during my recent and frequent hospital stays.  Indeed I feel a tad sorry for them, I think I am terribly helpful, feeding the other patients, helping them when they drop things and cant move and other generally useful things.  This is what I imagine I would have been like if I had been allowed to stay in the Brownies rather than asked to leave after the first session (story of my life, nine schools but not asked to leave from all).  The care staff are not in charge of the food but it is the food that I am reporting on.  Reading, Southampton, Cayman and Fort Lauderdale.  Was it James Martin who took an interest in this? Quite rightly as to be frank, I am ill, I am in hospital and I need to get better.  I havent even bothered to comment on breakfast in the UK which is basically bread and jam or cereal.  In America I had an interesting option of English muffins, syrup and scrambled egg.  Sorry, I believe this is a cultural thing but SERIOUSLY!  Syrup and eggs?  What is going on here.



UK, a wholesome roast dinner of potatoes that were completely undercooked ie raw and not a veg in sight


The accompaniments of soup and milky stuff




Must be England again as it has mash and rice, what is this two carb thing going on?




I think this was a salad


Possibly one of the worst meals ever, a dried up pasta dish with mash (two carbs, see) that had a skin on it



ok Who thinks this sandwich is appetising?


Oh yes – four days of nil by mouth, the most exciting thing was the broth which was basically a bit of  stock cube in tepid water.  Readers, dear followers, you know how I feel about STOCK


Ah America, yes, English muffin, scrambled egg, ummm so chewy, and syrup



A pork like dish



Interestingly a chicken type dish but the soup was good, chicken noodle



Yes, once again, the egg and syrup combination, look I am not saying that I am wrong just that it is new to me and uncomfortable



This was a GOOD meal, chopped steak and the nice chicken noodle soup, best meal over there




I like Southampton Hospital as it gives you a wide choice that includes a piggy optioin.  Unfortunately this chicken and leek pie was not good



yup lasagne ho hum

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