Henry & Joes, another first class pop up in Newbury


16 Bartholomew Street – burn that name into your memory





I am so loving the new pop up deal happening at 16 Bartholomew Street in Newbury.  Helped enormously by the fact that the Mansfield Boys are organising it, how can anything they do go wrong.  These guys LOVE their food with a passion, I have never had a bad meal here and they have opened up their place to other pop ups who are great food providers.  You will have seen many posts from me about Brebis, Isidros et al and now there are more.  Today we are looking at Henry & Joes.  Only £30 for a fantastic meal.


I also love the Mansfield boys generosity in helping the other pop ups, working so hard to make this concept successful.  Seriously if you dont go along to one of these popups then you may be a bad person who doesn’t appreciate wonderfulness.  This is important – if we don’t support these wonderful businesses they will fail.  Be warned

This is the non veg menu, if you are veg then do a bit of work and find out what it is, I don’t have enough time but love you regardless x


I was so determined not to fill up on bread but my it tasted so good, the seeds were amazing, the texture superb and the butter was whipped and wonderful.  Hey whipped may be your thing.


Look a naked crab ravioli absolutely crammed full of crab, flipping amazing.

So this is the crab ravioli with the bisque – see photo below, Sam couldn’t wait for a spoon, I am sure he is MY son!

so love this picture of Sam Ferguson enjoying his food

I was really interested in this starter and so pleased I went for it, a risotto bourguiginon with pickled mushrooms and crispy chicken livers.   This was a winner with a depth of flavour that had pockets of surprises in every bite.  Incredibly imaginative and well executed.


The beef blade, able to eat with a spoon and again a huge depth of flavour.  I will admit that I made Tony order this one as I love to order food that I feel uncomfortable cooking although I am sure I wouldn’t be able to make this dish to this level of taste.



Ok this is my ‘Oh my’ dish, totally stunning, perfectly cooked, the bass cooked to just the right side of translucency, the clams and garlic cream totally delicious and absolutely the best Jerusalem artichokes I have ever eaten.  The flavour of this dish was just incredible, I would love to eat it again.


As you lovely people know puddings aren’t really my thing but hey, it was included in the price and Tony or Sam will always eat them.  This was the hazelnut fondant with white chocolate mousse and crème fraiche ice cream.  The fondant was perfectly cooked, oozy and scrummy

clever, olive oil and polenta cake, blood orange sorbet and candied walnuts.  Amazing

Chef and front of house, adorable


Home made fudge, the perfect finish.  Seriously the price here is so good, not just on this night but on all the nights, book up and go, you will be in for a huge treat, these guys are talented and I love that my favourite food people in the whole world, the Mansfield boys, support them.  You cant go wrong booking at 16 Bartholomew Street

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