This is a wonderfully characterful hotel – Berwick Lodge

This was my second visit to Berwick Lodge in Bristol  This is such an incredible hotel, totally indvidual and appealing.  It would be nice if it had a pool but it has a huge plus on the spa side, more later and very exciting.  The whole site is beautiful, swings in the trees, fountains, totally quirky and wonderful

A little view of the room, all so cute

Home made biscuits and fruit then dammit I discovered a whole bowl of the biscuits at the end of the corridor, aargh.

The start of my romantic meal on Valentines Day, the place was booked out unsurprisingly.  If you wanted to impress someone you would bring them here

The whole place is quirky in an elegant way


Love this extra sitting room

Home made bread

Blast I didnt write down what this was but it was like a cevichey sort of fish, an amazing nut brittle and totally wonderful

Seared Mackerel with rhubarb and red cabbage, such an amazing combination, you can see why Paul O’Neill was a Roux Scholar

Oh my goodness gracious, I cant praise this one enough and the most amazing ingredient were the flipping potatoes.  See how sheer they are, they snap yet are full of flavour.  I actually asked if I could have a bowl for my pudding but unfortunately they are done in a clever cheffy way (grrrr) so that wasnt possible but I so thank them for asking!  They are probably partly dehydrated?  Incredibly they were served with the most wonderful pollock, scallop and turnip  oooh and apple.  What a great flipping combination.  I nearly took my eyes off the potatoes but not quite.  This is a dish to celebrate, beautiful to look at and totally amazing to eat

Part of breakfast.  A good selection.

How cute is that yoghurt?

Oh my even the cooked full English comes artistically, indeed when I declined one item I was asked if I wanted something else to replace it, good service

If you want an amazing cookbook headed by Chef Paul O’Neill from Berwick Lodge this is the one, why didnt I get a signed one grrr

The hotel is quirky and loving and amazing and also OH MY GOD offers massages in the room.  My husband Tony is desperate as he always falls asleep after a massage so this would be so perfect for him.  The grounds are outstanding the interiors are fantastic and it is a hotel you must visit.


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