Michelin take note of The Newbury, why did I only have one starter!


Another place I love and will support is The Newbury pub, not a chain and run by some magnificent people.  I have followed Darren (not in a stalkerish way!) for many years and it is great to see his influence coming through and being encouraged by the lovely Pete Lumber.  By the way I love that Petes name is Plumber if you shorten it.  Sorry, but it makes me laugh.   I also love the passion that comes through from Pete and Darren, they really care about their whole concept and it shows.  This is why I dont review chains, I dont need to name them but you will see them in every town centre, run by people whose lives dont rely on what they are offering.

Look, even the olives and feta are appealing, the feta was smooth and iI gobbled the lot.


I loved this scallops dish with chorizo, butterbeans and courgette and a basil foam.  The butterbeans were a great addition to an already great dish.

Oh my, plate envy, the wild mushroom veloute with an iced garlic Chantilly, what a fantastic contrast.  I could have had this as well that’s how good it was.  The flavour was intense, the basil oil was a good addition and I want it even now.

Duck, not my thing but loved the irony (and taste) of the cherry puree, added to with the wild mushrooms and the rosti potato that was like buried crispy treasure under the duck, totally delightful

Darren is a great cook especially with fish, he has started Fish Fridays again at The Newbury which I cant wait to try.  Basically they get a box of whatever is freshest from Brixham and when it is gone then that is it.  Totally fresh and tasty.  This was my cod with black garlic mash (who knew), salsify and curried mussels along with crispy kale.  This has got to be the best thing you could do with kale ever. It reminded me a bit of chinese ‘seaweed’.  Those little globules are lemon, it gave a sharp punch and should not really have gone with the curried mussels but it was great.

Another blast from the past, lardy cake with butterscotch and vanilla icecream also served with a little jug of custard.  Wolfed down.

A star pudding, pannacotta sitting like a delicious iceberg in a strawberry soup.  There was a hint of basil and the most amazing pomegranate pearls that exploded in my mouth.  Not sure how to write this but Darrens balls are amazing, he was the first one to introduce me to them some years ago and I have enjoyed them ever since.  There is so much I want to say but cant!!



This is Phil.  Phil has a baby.  Phil has no sleep.  Phil has just arranged a Race Day for West Berkshire Mencap that raised over £30,000 and is already selling for next year.  Phil is tired.  Phil is smug.  Phil likes to eat.  Phil has heard about the Sunday Roasts at The Newbury.  Phil is coming back soon.

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