Hispi, inspiring set up and cuisine


I have been aware of this group for a while.  As I run a charity the idea of crowd funding excites me more than it probably should and the fact that Gary Usher has been so successful so many times is a great testament of the quality of his food.  I didn’t think I would ever get a chance to actually review the food but the chance finally came when I came up to stay with my sister in Didsbury and go to the wonderful Pub in the Park organised by @cheftomkerridge.  For a variety of reasons, including the fact that my sister turned out to be in Tonga surprising my nephew, Dan, who has spent 8 years trying to get there with no money so well done him, I booked to eat alone.  I like doing this, it allows me to concentrate on the food, I am a miserable old bag when I get the chance and very happy with my own company plus I wanted to review them which is easier alone.


This sign made me so happy plus there was parking, bonus!

This is a mirror with all the names of the people who have contributed to the crowd funding, I am assuming here because it could be a list of those that have eaten and not paid.  I have a huge admission here, I wasn’t one of the contributors as I was going through a divorce and had nothing but next time I promise to help.

Just a little aside but look how lovely even the tap water is, little touches of beauty.



As always I have a pre starter starter which was a great choice of the most delicious battered salt pickles with a tarragon and parsley mayo.  A great crunch and very moreish, I am sure this was meant to be a sharing sort of thing but hey ho.  I should say that the staff were delightful and attentive and didn’t make anything of me being alone which sometimes happens, I had a lovely table by the window and wasn’t shunned.

Ok this doesn’t look so much but oh my the taste.  The salmon was confited and just fatty enough, the pickled cucumber were perfect with the salmon mousse and the sesame lavoche.  You can just see the mousse peeking out under the lavoche.


Again, oh my the flavour.  Seriously rich and so tasty.  The braised feather blade was cooked to perfection, the pickled walnut sauce was out of this world and the truffle and parmesan chips were crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside.  If I could have I would have ordered a side of the steamed cabbage with puffed rice but it may have been too much.


My pudding which was the mushroom and tarragon soup with hazelnuts and caper dressing.  It felt light and was a perfect ending to the meal.  In fact I want some more now.


If you ever get the chance to participate in the next crowd funding venture I would urge you to do so, the food is really good, the ambience and décor is great and the staff were super, I listened to someone at the table next to mine asking for his feather blade rare and the waiter was stunningly polite as he explained how that wasn’t really possible.  Also the whole lot came in at about £40 which was great value for such good food.


One of my latest hats bought @pubinthepark

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