New tv coming

Cant say too much now but soon both Mia Fiore and The Newbury should be making a tv appearance.  As soon as I can tell you I will give you the link but I am very excited about it.  The other presenters are SO glamorous, I believe I am the ‘character’ or the ‘comedy element’ […]


Well I have no idea of which of my reviews Waitrose @GoodFoodGuideUK has been reading although I have my suspicions. However I am thrilled to be included in the list of reviewers, yay, the most professional I have ever been! Next on my list are places with rooms, but only if they are good, same […]

I need a Pigs Bladder

Does anyone know where I can get a pigs bladder from? I want to make Coffre de Volaille de Bresse en Vessie and a roasting bag just wont do the job. All advice welcomed, should I ever find one then photos will follow. I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front because my […]